Star widowers who never found a new love

Heart wounds never heal and always remind of themselves. Especially when associated with the pain of losing a loved one.

And even the stars, seemingly achieved in the life of everything that mere mortals secretly desire, do not accept the loss. Therefore, when they say that without sweet (or sweet) - the light is not sweet, - this is the cruel truth that always takes place in life.

Courtney love

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A widow with millions of her late husband Kurt Cobain does not look happy. Rumor attributes to her a lot of fans who allegedly won the favor of the singer. In fact, - Courtney is still lonely and can not forget his beloved. And even the only daughter Francis, whom the legendary rocker adored, does not serve as a consolation for the soul. Difficult relationships with her persist to this day. Although Courtney was always ready to take the first step to meet, so that Francis was closer than before and personally felt the mother's care.About Kurt Cobain - the only man who won her heart and became the most dear person in life, Courtney often remembers. On Frances's birthday, she posted an old family photo on Instagram. And she made the following entry: “I am so sad. Our child is already quite big. God, Kurt, look at her face, what were you thinking? .. I miss you, we all miss you. ” It turned out that the unprofitable, scandalous and violent Courtney, whom even the noble Hollywood public cannot stand, is able to deeply love and suffer.

Liam neeson

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Hollywood beauties still gaze upon the stately star Irishman who is already under 70. They do not mind to establish a close relationship with him. Apparently, hoping to transfer them to a more serious level. But Liam remains faithful to the memory of his beloved wife - actress Natasha Richardson, who died in an accident. Fifteen years, lived with her in love and harmony, he considers joy for the heart, a unique time, which will never return. Consolation from the loss of Liam Neeson found in the work and education of two sons. The winner of the Oscar is not a fan of starry parties, and prefers to somehow stay away from the attention of journalists.But the personal life of the famous actor is still unchanged: as if the press did not stir up rumors that Liam had a woman, there is still no real mistress in his house.

Keanu Reeves

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“Sad Keanu” is considered to be in Hollywood, where noise and fun always reign, the most closed actor shy of society. By the way, this is evidenced by a rather eloquent case. For example, once his birthday, Keanu celebrated alone in the park, putting a cupcake on a bench with a candle. Relatives and relatives of Keanu Reeves say that he has changed a lot after the tragic death of his girlfriend, American actress Jennifer Syme, who crashed in her car. And more than a year before, another misfortune befell him. Just a week before the birth of Jennifer, and not born, the long-awaited daughter died. Like an evil fate hung over the fate of Keanu, who in a short time took the lives of two dear people. Of course, these events left an imprint on the actor: he locked himself in, trying to be away from human attention.

Rick Moranis

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In the 80s of the last century, he became famous as an outstanding comedian.The film by Ivan Reitman “Ghostbusters” brought him unprecedented popularity and many famous directors, using the talent of Moranis, began to willingly invite Rick to their films. Good luck and success seemed to have lined the actor with a carpet in Hollywood. But in our colorful life everything happens at times not according to our scenario. Rick Moranis on the rise of an acting career decides to leave the big movie. The death of his beloved wife Anne from a serious illness once and for all laid down creative plans. She was the only woman in his life whom he simply adored. Her loss seemed to close the window on the old world, forcing Rick to plunge into raising children. After the death of his wife, he did not return to the profession of an actor. An unemployed single father seems to have concreted himself in the walls of the house: he keeps even the names of the children in secret. It would probably be blasphemous to talk about the actor's personal life: the memories of Ann are so deep that it is unlikely that another woman will find a place in his heart.

Joe DiMaggio

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He thanked his fate to the last breath for having met the unique Marilyn Monroe, who had become a guiding star for him.The famous baseball player, who has already completed his sports career, once saw a dazzling blonde, was eager to meet her. To her own amazement, which could not be described, Marilyn agreed to meet with Joe. He was in seventh heaven for joy! The trusting relationship that had arisen between them soon grew into more intimate ones. Joe was older than Marilyn by 12 years, but the difference in age only impressed the blond beauty. She always liked men, wise by experience, and besides, DiMaggio was a very intelligent and intelligent interlocutor. At Christmas, having been at Joe's parents' house, they announced their marriage. At the wedding, Marilyn Monroe looked great: in a brown suit, seductively fitting her figure, with a bouquet of white orchids in her hands, she was just amazing. Here she told her husband the prophetic phrase: “Promise, when I die, to bring fresh flowers to the cemetery weekly.” The marriage between them was short-lived: the torments of stinging jealousy that had beaten Joe would eventually lead to divorce. DiMaggio never marries again, and after Marilyn’s death, for 20 years, she will bring white orchids to her grave.

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