Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl became the best in history

To sing during a break in a sports game would seem to be a thankless task. But not when it comes to the "Super Bowl" - the final of the US National Football League and the largest and most prestigious venue, which you can only dream of.

On February 5, this honor was given to Lady Gaga, and she managed - without exaggeration - one hundred percent (the performance was already named the best in the history of the cup). The stadium hits (Poker Face, Born This Way and Telephone), the stage costume, which made the house of Versace for the show (which the power-shoulder-body cost!), And the spectacular appearance (the “monster queen” seemed to come down to the stadium from heaven), and a political statement (the composition of This Land is Your Land is the unofficial anthem of all those who are displeased with Trump's policies.) and the lyric Million Reasons, which the singer performed on the piano ...

In general, Gaga has done everything possible and impossible for everyone around to forget about Beyonce’s speech two years ago, which until yesterday was considered the best.

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