Sowing calendar for January 2017 for the gardener and the gardener. Favorable days for planting tomatoes and other crops for seedlings

PK-003The onset of cold winter days does not at all mean that gardeners and truck farmers can finally relax and go on a deserved vacation. If you look at the lunar-sowing calendar for January 2017, it becomes clear how much you will need to do for the benefit of the future fruit and vegetable season.

First of all, it will be necessary to pay attention to the garden tools: clean it very well, sharpen and lubricate all the mechanisms with special oil. Then it is necessary to put in order the dacha furniture and fix the broken inventory items. Then you can clean in the greenhouse, plan the future location of vegetable beds, shield the flower beds and purchase the missing bags with seeds.

When the main technical work is done, it is worth planting tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, radishes and greens for planting in winter greenhouses or in pallets on window sills. In the sowing calendar table for each of these vegetables, their own favorable days for planting are marked. If you strictly follow the recommendations outlined there, the size of the fruit and the volume of the crop will exceed all the wildest expectations.

Lunar sowing calendar for January 2017 - a table of favorable days for gardening works

The phases of the moon affect not only people's well-being, ebbs and flows, but also the state of nature. And if perennial trees and shrubs do not react too strongly to the activity of the satellite of the Earth, then vegetables, cereals and bastan cultures show an increased sensitivity to the behavior of the lunar disk. All these moments are described in detail by the lunar sowing calendar for January 2017. In its table for each type of garden and garden works specific dates and the most favorable days are indicated. Calculations are made on the basis of the rules of the ascending and departing moon. It is considered to be that it is most reasonable to plant land cultures growing up on a dwelling Moon, and root crops on a decreasing one.This is due to the fact that in the phase of the young Moon, branches, leaves and stems develop more quickly, and when falling, the root system of vegetable plants is actively strengthened.


In addition, there are several rules of the lunar calendar, equally relevant for all owners of farmsteads and suburban areas. This list is small, but obligatory for execution for those who want to harvest a large, abundant harvest in a timely manner.

  • On the New Moon and the Full Moon, any work in gardens and gardens is highly undesirable, as well as at the time of solar or lunar eclipses.
  • When a satellite of the Earth stands in the zodiac constellations of Aquarius and Leo, it is not worth sowing seeds or planting seedlings.
  • No need to sow or plant seedlings in the ground at the time of the transition of the moon from one sign of the zodiac to another. This negatively affects the plants and prevents them from fully developing.

Current work for gardeners and gardeners in January 2017 on the lunar sowing calendar


In the lunar sowing calendar for January 2017 there is a lot of useful information for gardeners and gardeners. In addition to the days that are favorable for the planting of certain plants and crops,the most successful for various garden and garden works.

  • 1 - not suitable for any work related to planting and subsequent fruiting. It is best to inspect the site on that day, to sweep the paths, to sweep the trunk of fruit trees with snow, to loosen the ground, feed the plants and check the vaults for the presence of rodents.
  • 2 - you need to pay attention to creating a comfortable lighting for seedlings and indoor plants. Strengthening photosynthesis will help to shine. It also compensates for the lack of natural sunlight decorative indoor plants.
  • 3 - it is worth doing cuttings of indoor plants, pinching shrubs and trees, as well as grafting any plants.
  • 4 - it is categorically forbidden to make any types of fertilizer and fertilizer into the soil, but it is not only possible but necessary to make abundant watering and destroy pests.
  • 5 - it is allowed to fertilize the soil, loosen the tree trunks and water the bushes and trees. Pruning and transplantation are strictly prohibited, as they will not be beneficial.
  • 6 - it is possible to cultivate the garden and the garden with special preparations against pests, to hoe trees and shrubs with snow, to cultivate and fertilize the soil.Transplantation of indoor plants and flowers is undesirable.
  • 7 - suitable for any work associated with intensive fertilization and cultivation of soil, transferring plants to the greenhouse and creating comfortable lighting for indoor plants.
  • 8 - only surface works and spraying of trees and shrubs from pests are recommended.
  • 9 - actual loosening, irrigation and processing of garden and garden from land pests. It is better to postpone the preparation of the soil for the planned planting of seeds to another day.
  • 10 is the ideal moment for removing diseased shoots from indoor flowers and active work-outs for outdoor plants.
  • 11 - recommended works for the improvement of the site, but without contact with trees and shrubs, since there is a great risk of damaging the branches or the root system.
  • 12 - only watering and application of top dressing to the soil are appropriate.
  • 13 - it is worth to do the work on the improvement of the homestead territory and the creation of high-quality infrastructure (paths, laying of the irrigation system, etc.).
  • 14 - suitable for intensive loosening of the soil and spraying the garden with special preparations against pests.
  • 15 - created for maintenance work in the winter garden,arrangement of additional lighting in greenhouses and creation of quality infrastructure on the private plots (layout of beds, lawns, flower beds, etc.).
  • 16 - it is necessary to do the thinning of crops that have already given the first shoots in a greenhouse or in a tray on a windowsill. In the fresh air, it is appropriate to cultivate the soil, make fertilization for trees and shrubs, or to destroy the garden parasites.
  • 17 - a great moment for quality care of the land.
  • 18 - if the winter is frosty and rich in precipitation, you need to pile up the near-stem circles of fruit trees with snow, and at home do lightning of flowers and seedlings.
  • 19 - it is useful to care for the sprouted plants, water them, apply the necessary fertilizer and carefully loosen the soil.
  • January 20, you need to prepare a suitable substrate for future crops.
  • 21 - it is necessary to start cleaning the site, hang the bird feeders and scoop up snow from the tracks, if there is one.
  • 22 - it is appropriate to devote time to pruning branches, removing shrunken leaves, cultivating the soil, watering and caring for outdoor and indoor plants.
  • 23 - suitable for combating garden rodents, buying seeds and fertilizing.
  • 24 - a good time to repair equipment and prepare the container for planting future seedlings.
  • 25 - maintenance work in household outbuildings.
  • 26 - intensive fertilization of plants, watering and aeration of the soil.
  • 27 - hilling with snow, cleaning the site and leaving work with the soil.
  • 28 - only the territory is appropriate. Crop branches and transplant indoor flowers is highly undesirable.
  • 29 - it is necessary to carry out a revision of the planting material and to drill the near-trunk circles with snow.
  • 30 - you can soak the seeds, prepare the container for future seedlings, water the plants and organize the dosachivanie seedlings.
  • 31 - it's time to do foliar feeding and picking of previously planted plants.

When to plant tomatoes (tomatoes) on seedlings - which advises the lunar calendar gardener in January 2017


The sowing lunar calendar for January 2017 contains not only general recommendations on various crops, but also tells how and when to specifically sow tomatoes (tomatoes) in seedlings. The most favorable for this type of vegetables are considered the 30th and 31st of January. These days the young growing Moon will pass through the constellation of Pisces and will have the most positive impact on the germination of seeds.However, these dates are relevant only for the southern regions of Russia, where the landing of adult seedlings in open ground is possible already at the beginning or middle of April. In the middle lane and in areas with a temperate climate, seed sowing is better postponed until mid-February or even early March, since transferring them to the ground will be no earlier than the last days of April or early May, when the soil warms up to +10 degrees and the danger of return frost disappears. .

Favorable days in January 2017 for planting various crops on the lunar seeding calendar


What to do in the post-New Year period to gardeners and gardeners, tells the lunar-sowing calendar for January 2017. According to the information in the table, during the second winter month, attention should be paid to greenhouse and indoor plants, preparing seeds for tomato, eggplant, sweet pepper, various types of greens, radishes and radishes for sowing seedlings, and on favorable, serene days, plot and prepare the soil for the upcoming season.

  • 1 - the young moon grows in the sign of Aquarius. It is better to refuse sowing seeds, planting seedlings and any crops.Too great a chance that the landing will not germinate at all, or will be stunted and will not be able to fully develop.
  • 2 - The moon continues to grow and moves from the constellation Aquarius to Pisces. It is impossible to transplant plants on this day, including indoor plants. They most likely will not take root in the new place. You can pay attention to the forcing of beets, onions, sorrel, parsley, celery and chard.
  • 3 - the growing moon is in Pisces. The day is perfect for transplanting any indoor plants and flowers. But work with vegetable crops is better to postpone for another time. The only exception is a chicory salad. His distillation can do in a dark room.
  • 4 - The moon moves from Pisces to Aries. In greenhouses you can plant lettuce crops and all types of greenery.
  • 5 - The moon is in Aries. The day is not suitable for transplanting and working with plants.
  • 6 - The moon moves from the sign of Aries to the constellation Taurus. This is not the best time for planting, as plants during this period tend to stretch strongly up, not having time to form a powerful, stable stem.
  • 7 - The moon is in Taurus. A good time to work with children, cuttings, separation and rooting of stepchildren, planting bulbs and roots.
  • 8 - The moon in Taurus.Garden work should be minimized so as not to damage the root system of plants, especially vulnerable on that day. It is possible to sow seeds of Bulgarian pepper, eggplant and lettuce for seedlings for growing in a greenhouse.
  • 9 - The moon leaves the sign of Taurus and enters the constellation Gemini. Need to finish all begun landing.
  • 10 - The moon is located in Gemini. An unsuitable day for planting, as the plants before the full moon just do not have time to take root.
  • 11 - the moment of the Moon moving from Gemini to the constellation of Cancer. Root crops on this day can not be sown.
  • 12 - Full Moon. The moon passes the sign of Cancer. The most unfavorable day for sowing seeds and planting.
  • 13 - the decreasing Moon leaves the sign of Cancer and passes into the constellation Leo. From this day begins the most successful period of time for planting root crops and various tuber cultures.
  • 14 - The moon passes the sign of Leo. Preparing for planting and planting plants is undesirable.
  • 15 - The moon leaves the constellation Leo and moves to Virgo. The day is favorable for sowing radish seed, radishes and daikon for seedlings for subsequent planting in the greenhouse.
  • 16 - The moon crosses the constellation Virgo. For planting day is not suitable.
  • 17 - The moon leaves the Virgin as a sign of Libra.Vegetable seeds are not sown on this day, but it is quite possible to plant lettuce, greens and bulbous plants in the ground in a greenhouse or on a windowsill.
  • 18 - The Moon crosses Libra. Excellent time for planting seeds of ornamental garden flowers on seedlings.
  • 19 - Moon in Libra. Only bulbous crops can be planted.
  • 20 - The moon leaves Libra in Scorpio. A good time for sowing small root crops.
  • 21 - Moon in Scorpio. In the presence of electric lighting, you can land the seeds of pepper and a head of lettuce in a tray on the windowsill.
  • 22 - The moon leaves Scorpio as a sign of Sagittarius. A good time for greening on the green bulbs and root crops.
  • 23 - The moon in Sagittarius. It is better not to deal with flowers, or, if an urgent transplant is required, do it very carefully. Plant divisions are avoided.
  • 24 - Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. The perfect moment for planting seeds of greens, lettuce and onions in a tray.
  • 25 - The moon goes into Capricorn. It is good to sow spinach on this day, to forge beet, celery and parsley or to transplant decorative flowering plants from boxes into pots.
  • 26 - Moon in Capricorn. It's time to sow any kinds of greens, lettuce and small roots.
  • 27 - The moon leaves Capricorn in Aquarius. You can sow some root vegetables, namely, radishes and beets.
  • 28 - New Moon. Moon in the constellation Aquarius. For any crops this day is unfavorable.
  • 29 - The moon begins to grow and moves from the constellation Aquarius to Pisces. Sowing and planting is not recommended.
  • 30 - The Moon in Pisces. A great time for sowing seedlings of cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers and eggplants.
  • 31 - Moon in Pisces. You can sow tomatoes, spinach and eggplants.

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