Serena Williams had a fight with the judge on the court and lost the cup

In the finals of the US Open tennis championship, Serena Williams could have won the winner’s cup, but instead received a $ 17,000 fine: $ 10,000 for verbally insulting a judge, $ 4,000 for a coach’s tips and $ 3,000 for a broken racket. Referee Carlos Ramos issued the first warning to Serena when it seemed to him that the coach of the sportswoman Patrick Muratратlu was trying to give her a hint. Serena categorically disagreed with the decision of the judge, but the warning was not withdrawn, and soon Williams got another penalty point - when, in the heat of emotions after a lost game, she threw and broke her racket.

“You insult me ​​and question my honesty. I demand that you apologize. You will never again appear on the court where I will play. Sorry! You are a thief. You stole my point! ”- Serena attacked the judge after the violation.

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