Secrets of the patchwork mosaic for beginners

We know about the patchwork mosaic since childhood. These unusual patterns attract attention, serve as an elegant interior decoration and never go out of fashion. Many remember the cozy grandmother's blankets, sewn from pieces of various materials collected in a beautiful symmetrical pattern. Recently patchwork sewing is also known as "patchwork", which is a simple English translation of the name of all the same technique.

Finished products with patchwork mosaic not only delight the eye with the game of colorful design. Very often, the skilled workers unite in the pattern the pieces of fabric left after sewing children's festive costumes and other clothes. Over time, children grow out of things carefully sewn by mom, but the blanket with a piece of material remains and causes pleasant memories.

Perhaps you remember the film “Stepmother”, where the heroine played by Susan Sarandon decided to make unforgettable gifts to her children: a blanket and cape made in patchwork style, the details of which were printed on the material family photos.

Lovers of patchwork mosaic with pleasure share their work and creative findings in the pages of books and magazines, create groups for social networking. After all, the process of patchwork sewing is very exciting and teaches concentration, accuracy and allows expressing the creative abilities of needlewomen.

Where to start a creative project?

At first,must select suitable fabrics. The easiest way to create a patchwork of cotton cloth. Before you start, wash the washed cloth thoroughly with an iron.

Since the preparation of the flaps will take some time, learn how to sort the pieces for the future mosaic by the type and density of the fabric or by the color combination. Store them in candy boxes, plastic marked bags at your discretion, so that they are easy to use in the work.

The secondand an important condition for pleasant and productive creativity is a sewing machine. With it you will be able to do the job quickly and efficiently, with an intricate artistic stitch.

Thirdthe rule:arrange a place to work. It should be spacious enough and well lit.Take care of your eyes and posture, do not bend too low on sewing. To do this, adjust the height of the table and get a comfortable chair with an ergonomic seat and back.

Fourth conditionAdditional materials. Stock up with graph paper, cardboard, tracing paper for applications, compass and ruler. To transfer the pattern to the fabric, you can use soft colored pencils, pieces of dry soap and tailor's chalk.

The first project.

As the very first project, you can choose a small potholder for a hot, or elegant cushions for kitchen chairs.

However, in order to truly master the art of patchwork mosaics, make a large and beautiful thing out of bright pieces of fabric, such as squares. It will not take much more time than making a small tack with a complex pattern, and will give much more tangible creative satisfaction!

Patchwork mosaic

The stitch shown in the picture above is straight and regular, which corresponds to the selected design of squares. But quite often needlewomen use curly stitch, made in the form of large colors.It looks especially good on patterns of small pieces of fabric, connected in a complex elegant pattern. With the help of stitches connect several layers of the product. In addition, the finished thing acquires the desired texture, relief. The stitch is applied standard, with a "forward needle" seam.

Hand stitching requires tremendous patience and careful work with a needle and thimble. Beautiful stitches can fill empty seats in the ornament and line up the rim. In addition, monograms and good wishes are embroidered with a stitch.

Art stitch. Video:


Carefully consider building a composition from the very beginning. For this:

  • Determine the size and geometric shape of the work.
  • Select the center of the composition. Mark the location of the bright figures of the picture, leaving the background space, or the so-called "air" between the geometric shapes and edging.
  • To make the pattern easy, place the dark large figures on the bottom of the composition, and light and small place on top.
  • Check the balance of the picture from the bottom up and along the sides, taking care that the composition center does not move.
  • Spread the composition on the floor in order to examine it from a distance and align the sides, the center and observe the color dominants.

Be sure to make previews in time to see the miscalculations

Patchwork mosaic. Technique "Well"

To master this technique is easy.

  • As the initial element of the composition, a square is taken. That he becomes the center of the composition, which is sheathed with additional patches.
  • Each new strip, or the so-called "log", is attached to the previous element, forming tiers of a well.
  • The elements of the picture are incremented clockwise.
  • Decorative feature of the picture - in color stretching, the transition from light to dark tiers, and vice versa.
  • Very often craftswomen smash colors diagonally, visually shading the corners of the squares.

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