Secrets of choosing a quality ice cream

In the summer heat, nothing saves as much as a glass of your favorite milk ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream, especially children who are ready to eat it for lunch, breakfast and dinner. For adults, this treat for a few minutes returns to the happy and carefree world of childhood.

Previously, buying ice cream, we did not pay attention to the composition, because as no one doubted. Now, in many favorite products, natural components are replaced with cheap artificial ingredients, flavors, thickeners, preservatives and other E-additives. Not only does the taste, familiar to us from childhood, change, it also causes irreparable harm to the body from eating such low-quality products.

So, favorite ice cream did not pass “such a fate”, and everywhere you can see ice cream, which contains cheap palm oil instead of milk and a lot of various harmful additives. Such a delicacy is dangerous to eat, and its children can not be given at all.Therefore, many mothers want to choose high-quality ice cream for their beloved children, but they do not know all the secrets that will help to distinguish a natural product from a cheap substitute. Let's see together how to choose the best and most useful ice cream.

All attention to packaging

Buying ice cream, immediately pay attention to the packaging. If it is deformed or broken, do not take it. Most likely, the product during transportation or improper storage was defrosted and then frozen again. And this can lead to the multiplication of bacteria, as a result of which poisoning may occur after eating such a product. For the same reason, doctors do not recommend buying ice cream by weight and in cups without wrapping paper.

Standards have not been canceled!

For ice cream, there are only 3 standards.

  1. DSTU 4733: 2007 - only milk raw materials are present in the composition. In such a product, you can add flavors, stabilizers, food fillers, but you can not add vegetable fats. This ice cream is the most expensive, but it is the best and quality. And it is this delicacy that is most useful for children.
  2. DSTU 4734: 2007 - distributed for fruit and berry ice cream, flavored, fruit ice and sherbet. It is made on the basis of natural raw materials and sugar syrup, with the addition of flavoring and food fillers and flavors. This view can also be given to children, but only if it is not of a bright acid color and the smell is not saturated.
  3. DSTU 4735: 2007 - suitable for a product made from combined raw materials. In this case, in addition to milk, palm and any other vegetable oil or milk fat replacers may be present in the composition. This ice cream is not recommended for children.
  4. In addition to DSTU, ice cream can be made according to specifications (specifications). Here the composition of the ice cream can be anything, because it is made on the basis of a document developed by the manufacturer, but approved by the relevant government agencies. Choosing such a product, you must carefully read the composition. If you specify only dairy raw materials, and other supplements are natural, then kids can buy such a product. Otherwise, it is better to refrain from acquiring.

Are there any vegetable fats?

If, in addition to dairy products, any vegetable oil is contained in the ice cream, there should be an inscription on the package informing of this. However, most manufacturers try to hide such information and do not indicate it, or they prescribe with small, inconspicuous font. Therefore, before buying it is desirable to make out well the wrapping paper and look for the inscription about the content of vegetable fat.

Stabilizers and flavors: what are allowed

What components in the ice cream can be present, and what should not be?

  1. Preservatives should not be added to ice cream, but stabilizers and flavors can be added to the composition, but there are limitations. Often on the package with ice cream there are such incomprehensible names: carob bean gum, guar and xanthan gum. All these are nutritional supplements, which are stabilizers of natural origin and are harmless for use.
  2. Also considered safe are mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, which are obtained during the breakdown of vegetable or animal fats.
  3. As a thickener, apple pectin can be used, a useful substance having the coding E440.During the Soviet era, stabilizers were gelatin, starch, agar-agar, and other natural supplements.
  4. But flavors must be present in a minimum amount. Taste fillers should be natural: nuts, berries and fruits. Therefore, when choosing ice cream, it is better to give preference to one where the composition indicates, for example, apricot, cherry, raspberry, and not “apricot flavor” or “raspberry flavor”.
  5. A real ice cream without dyes will be a cream shade, not white. Quality cold delicacy can not be a bright acid color. And if natural dyes are indicated in the composition, the color of the product will be pale pastel, for example, strawberry ice cream will be light pink, banana - beige, and pistachio - light green.

Set up experiments

And now, after determining the State Standard of Ukraine and studying the composition, you finally chose the best ice cream in your opinion. Now you can spend with him small experiments to make sure the correct choice.

  1. First you need to try a bought delicacy. After all, the taste of this milk cream can not be forgotten.In low-quality product there is a pronounced "artificial" fat, and there is a rich taste, which appears due to a large number of flavors.
  2. The correct plombir will slowly melt, and it is eaten not so fast, unlike the poor-quality one.
  3. If the ice cream is melted, then the present will turn into milk and will foam, and made from vegetable fats will turn into a fat pool.
  4. A good frozen plombir is very hard, it is difficult to break a piece from it. But ice cream with vegetable fats in such a solid state can not be, and the pieces will be easily separated.

Having studied all these secrets, you can easily choose the most genuine and high-quality refreshing delicacy in the store, which will be not only tasty, but also useful for your children.

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