Ruby: magical properties

Ruby is a red variety of corundum, with increased hardness and alluring shine. Wine, crimson, scarlet shades of stone attracted the ancient jewelers, who adorned their crowns of kings and attributes of power. acted already in the Bronze Age, so the stone is famous for its long history. Hundreds of beliefs and legends are associated with ruby, magical and healing properties are attributed to him.

In Russia, rubies and sapphires are known as "yakhonts." Stones were available to kings and close.

Attitude towards ruby ​​in antiquity

The power of the stone was first seen by the Indians, who wore rubies as talismans 2,000 years ago. The Greeks and Romans considered ruby ​​to be a stone of strength and power, therefore influential grandees had chic jewels inlaid with rubies. Ruby was the central stone that adorned the statue of Hera in the ancient city of Gierapole. He was called a "light" for the incredible brilliance and brightness of the hue.

Ruby: magical properties

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Ruby's magical properties

In esoteric ruby ​​embodies Fire, strength and passion. The stone is used in magical rites by experienced, talented sorcerers who are able to cope with the ultimate energy of ruby. Ruby gives the power of a lion, the courage of an eagle and the wisdom of a snake. It is a symbol of power, energy and independence.

The magical properties of a ruby ​​appear brighter if you wear a stone in a ring of gold.

The ancient Buddhists endowed the ruby ​​with the ability to awaken the attraction to great accomplishments and brave deeds. He was recommended to wear to people who are striving to achieve great goals in life, to succeed in new undertakings, to become stronger.

The Indians regarded ruby ​​as a stone, which manifests gentleness, compassion and nobility in people. In India, the ruby ​​was worn to get rid of navishivnyh thoughts, anguish and to protect against the evil eye.

Medicinal properties

The ancient healers attributed the healing power to the blood-red rubies:

  • Indians treated with rubies for epilepsy and paralysis;
  • Europeans prepared powders of stone fragments and treated them for gastrointestinal disease and sexual dysfunction in men;
  • Water, infused with ruby, was used to prevent dozens of diseases.
Ruby: magical properties

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Modern healers have not ceased to believe that the ruby ​​is able to cure a variety of diseases.

  • Ruby water allows you to lower blood pressure and alleviate asthma symptoms;
  • By applying ruby ​​to sore joints, pain can be reduced;
  • Wearing a ruby ​​relieves nervous disorders and insomnia, facilitates the condition of the patient with kidney and liver disease;
  • Ruby jewelry reduces the appearance of allergic reactions.

Ruby as a mascot

Since the ruby ​​represents passion and passion, it is suitable for paired talismans of lovers. The pair of rings with a ruby ​​will retain the loyalty of the partners, strengthen their feelings and prevent the love flame from fading.

The mad energy of the stone will provide specialists in high-risk professions with courage and spiritual strength. Ruby is a suitable talisman for the military, rescue workers, firefighters, policemen and bodyguards who will need the mad energy of stone.

Ruby will help dreamers and creative personalities learn how to earn and count money. His magical properties will adapt the owner to doing business and will add to his organization.

The lack of a stone is that it enhances not only positive qualities (courage, fortitude, and ambition), but also negative ones. It depresses evil people, prompting them to experience even more negative emotions.

If you lack courage and determination, a ruby ​​will give you strength of mind and the ability to gather in critical situations. Jewels with ruby ​​contribute to the development of leadership qualities, relieve the owner of self-doubt and doubt.

Ruby is not recommended to wear emotional and unrestrained people. The stone enhances aggression and the manifestation of negative emotions, which leads to depressing consequences. But if you are committed to doing great things, a ruby ​​will help you achieve your goal and outperform envious competitors.

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