Restaurant interior: how to create "your" style?

New catering establishments open with enviable regularity. Unprofitable cafes and restaurants are closed, profitable - resold. In the field of catering constantly happening dynamic movement. In it, like in any other, very quickly outsiders appear. What is their mistake, leading to the collapse of the institution? The fact that they could not be remembered by the visitor attracted his attention.

A variety of restaurant menus today, few people will be surprised. The institution should have its own zest - something that will make people return to it. And best of all, if it will act as a thoughtful and functional interior.

In our country, more and more people to respectable Europe. Therefore, the principle of the restaurant and its interior should be set up according to the principle of Western countries. Tables of the fourth, sixes and eights are a thing of the past. The current trend - tables for two. This furniture should have a universal form, so that there are no difficulties with the formation of new layout options for large companies.

Creating a style concept for a restaurant is a job for professionals. You can order this service on the site by previewing photos of already completed projects. When developing and considering restaurant design options, owners should not be afraid of unexpected decisions. Now in a trend to use dark colors for interior decoration. This color scheme creates an atmosphere of a certain intimacy, comfort, allows visitors to relax as much as possible.

Finishing materials for the design of restaurant premises have also undergone radical changes. Wallpaper - the last century. At the peak of popularity is now wall paint, which can be both glossy and matte. The priority is muffled, calm tones. If there is no desire to paint the walls, then you can always use a win-win option - natural or artificial stone. This finish looks expensive and respectable.

Now the so-called "home" restaurants are gaining momentum. In them, interior design requires particularly close attention. The final setting should be both comfortable and elegant.This is achieved through the characteristic attributes - photos, vases, textile pillows and curtains. The presence of bright colors is unacceptable, the shades should emphasize and emphasize the taste of dishes.

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