To rent an apartment.

Rent an apartment for a day.

Rent an apartment for a day?



One of the most pressing issues for people who are constantly sent on short business trips and who need to change their place of residence by type of activity is the choice between a hotel and renting an apartment with daily rent. Both that and the other have a lot of advantages and disadvantages - how can you decide on the choice of your home, even if it will be such for only a few days?


The first thing to know is: if you choose a hotel or a hotel with the lowest level of pathos, with good ventilation, you will have much more chances to receive quality service, a warm welcome and much lower prices. Of course, in a quiet hotel on the outskirts of the city there will not be a full-screen plasma TV and a pool-size hot tub - however, if you come to work, you don’t need it. The price of a room in such a hotel is far less than the daily rent of an apartment of the same level (unless, of course, you are traveling alone).


However, if you need a decent standard of living at least a business class, then renting an apartment for a day will be much more convenient and high-quality solution.It is better to get in use a private apartment, furnished with the latest technology and fashion, than a hotel room, even if it is five-star and frankly fashionable. Interesting fact: the apartment in this case will be cheaper than a luxury room.


The advantages of having to rent an apartment.



The first and most important for any person who has come to see friends or relatives, plus apartments is the opportunity to invite guests without any restrictions and time frames. In hotels and hotels, visits are strictly regulated, and after a fixed time, guests of room owners must leave the hotel. This is one of the most important inconveniences of hotels and one of the most important advantages of any, even the most seedy and uninhabited apartment.


In addition, it is worth remembering that the vast majority of hotels pay per room based on the number of people living in it. If you want to take your family or friends with you on a business trip, this option may turn out to be much more expensive than just renting an apartment with daily rent. Therefore, renting a dwelling not belonging to the hotel will be much more convenient for you if you do not want to part with your relatives and friends.The next plus rent of apartments with daily payment is a payment for the used area, but not for the number of people living.


It should be noted that any apartment that can be rented for a day has a full set of household appliances and the necessary supply of dishes. Having rented an apartment for rent, you can easily eat homemade home-made food, put your things in order and settle down with maximum comfort and coziness. No other hotel in the world can give you that feeling, although, of course, laundry, ironing and cooking services are available there (of course, for a fee). If you want to feel the warmth of the hearth and on the trip - the hotel room simply does not suit you.


Rent an apartment for a day - truly your choice.


An important plus for business people and their partners: at the entrance to the apartment you rent, documents and documents will not be required from you and your guests. Hotels, unfortunately, cannot guarantee even the lowest level of confidentiality of their visitors - many well-known and business people can strain this fact (information about their visits to a particular room with a particular person can leak into the masses and create a negative reputation).Do not forget about the convenience of meetings without outside witnesses - such conditions will provide you only rent an apartment for rent.


In addition, a huge selection of rental apartments for daily rent are several times higher than the number of rooms in all hotels in any city. If a hotel can deny you to provide a room for the reason that all the rooms are occupied or booked, there will not be such incidents with the apartment: there will always be a suitable option. In addition, the owner of the premises will be able to discuss in advance the question of the pricing policy of these apartments, finding exactly the price niche that is interesting for you. Traditionally, daily apartments are divided into four types: economy, luxury, business and luxury. Depending on your capabilities, preferences and requirements, the necessary option is sure to be found as soon as possible.


However, there are situations in which the use of rental apartments is limited or impossible. It happens that in small cities there are simply not enough apartments for all those who want to rent an apartment for a day: sometimes there are too many of them besides traveling ones.In such cases, in addition to the hotel room, nothing remains.


In addition, not all owners of rental housing are honest and attentive with potential tenants. Often there are reviews that the owner did not take into account the booking of an apartment and handed it to another person, as a result of which the traveler or guest of the country simply remained on the street. Needless to say, how unpleasant it is to face such situations after spending long hours or even days on the road? The management of the same hotel or hotel will never allow such a mistake: they too value their reputation and will always find a way to arrange you even in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Therefore, compare your own capabilities and requirements for rented housing with possible risks when renting an apartment for a day and guaranteed inconvenience associated with the use of a hotel room for your purposes. To take into account everything - not humanly, but to be ready and know what lies ahead - is quite real in our age of high technology development. What will await you on your arrival in the city - a warm smile of a hotel worker standing at the ticket office, or a business discussion of the matter with the owner of a rented apartment - is up to you.

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