Soup day

10 recipes

How many soups are in the world? A lot of! And more specifically, about 150 species, each of which has up to a thousand species. If you believe the culinary encyclopedia of the same William Pokhlebkin, only in Russian cuisine you can count at least 25 options for cabbage soup and 20 soup. Meanwhile, the history of soup as a first dish is not particularly ancient and has about 500 years from strength. Yes, when special dishes appeared five centuries ago, non-nomadic people began to prepare dishes with water. Soup is a "brew" called and that later - about 150 years ago. At first, the Germans said “suppa”, which meant bread soaked in broth, and then the French consolidated the concepts and all liquid dishes began to be called “soupe”. has collected a collection of 10 soups in different countries - from our usual soup to the exotic Moroccan harira. Scroll, and let the pan first will delight you with the most delicious variety.

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