Quick ways to clean pine nuts from the shell

Pine nuts are extracted from cones of evergreen coniferous trees, the pine family. They have useful, nutritional and healing properties. They are used as a medicine for many diseases. This valuable natural product helps with allergies, immunodeficiency and atherosclerosis.

In cooking, used seeds of cones. Some cosmetics contain nuts extract. They have a delicate, sweetish taste, they are just a pleasure to regale. Before using this miraculous and tasty remedies, you should get rid of the shell, which is not easy at home.

At the enterprises, pine nuts are cleaned with the help of vacuum crushers. The method allows you to save not only the shape, but also healing properties. Of course, it is easier to buy already cleaned pine seeds. However, it is important to remember the shelf life of such a product, and its quality may not be high.

Specialists in the field of medicine recommend to buy seeds in the shell, and clean it before use, so it is important to know the home methods of peeling.

Training and Safety

Pine nuts in the husk

Quickly clean the pine nuts at home will not work anyway. Many years ago, people removed the rind with their teeth. However, it is not safe to gnaw, as there is a high probability of damaging the teeth and gums.

Now use special tools to get the core. Whatever cleaning method you choose, consider safety precautions. Hot water and sharp metal objects are commonly used. This is a hammer, special pliers and pliers. Some use and frying pan.

To protect against high temperatures, use special gloves. And when cracking nuts with iron tools, wear safety glasses. Work with the press also requires attention. You will need two containers, one for the shell, the other for the nucleoli.

Important! In priority, use safe cleaning methods. Convenient and popular methods are described below. Adhere to basic safety rules.

The fastest cleaning methods

Pine nuts without husk

Man can not wait to quickly peel delicious nuts. Pay attention to proven methods that have proven their effectiveness.

Scalding with boiling water

Most often, the nuts are cleaned after soaking in hot water. This procedure takes about 15 minutes. Prepare a chopping board on which to lay the steamed seeds of pine pine. Then cover with a towel or polyethylene.

Split with a hammer or rolling pin. Try not to damage the core. Quickly clean the pine nuts in this way will not work without appropriate experience. But after several attempts, the method will seem simple and convenient.


Quickly get the core will help freeze. Put the nuts in a bag and put them in the freezer for twelve hours. This is the minimum time to be followed. If the nuts are in the freezer for a longer time, this is allowed. But worry about preventing the buildup of ice.

Frozen seeds put on a board, and gently prick with a rolling pin. Remove air before removing it from the bag. Then separate debris from the nucleoli.

Roasting in a pan or oven

One quick cleaning method is roasting. Heat the oven to a temperature of 120 degrees and put cedar pine seeds there for a few minutes.

After exposure to high temperature, take out the nuts, and pour them onto a wooden board. Top cover with a towel, and press a rolling pin. Then separate the shells from the kernels.

Temperature difference

Pine nuts are easy to clean after exposure to temperature changes. First, fry the seeds in a frying pan for a few minutes. Then, warm the heated nuts with cold water. This can be done by pouring them into a sieve.

A sharp temperature difference will lead to the separation of the grains from the shell. It remains to separate the core from the garbage, sorting through them.

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Special tools

For cleaning pine nuts in the home there are special devices. People who professionally engage in the extraction of nucleoli, use for this wood crusher.

At home, you can use the usual board and rolling pin. A sieve, garlic masher and oven will be helpful. And for freezing you need a freezer.

How to remove debris and husks from peeled nuts

If you managed to break the shell, the question arises, how quickly to separate the husk from the useful nucleoli? You can sort through manually. Alternatively, use one of the methods described below.


A strong sieve is used when cleaning nuts, if it is a question of the temperature difference technique. Since it is convenient to keep heated grains in it under a cold stream of water.


To get rid of debris and get clean kernels, type a large container with water, and lower the pre-processed nuts. Everything superfluous in a minute will emerge, and the cores will remain at the bottom.

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Helpful Tips

Pine nuts are tasty and healthy. When cleaning and then using them, consider the useful tips:

  1. With a long stay in the water, cedar kernels change the taste.
  2. After exposure to moisture, the purified raw materials must be dried.
  3. After the method of freezing, grains should be used immediately. Because over time they lose their healing properties.
  4. High temperatures make the product less useful.

Pine nuts - tasty, but not easy to clean.

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