Pug - smart dog and a true friend

The secret of universal love for pugs, for sure, lies in their good-natured and loyal person character. These faithful "squires" always and everywhere accompany their masters, besides they are wonderful favorites for those who like to relax once again and lie on the couch, because pugs are low-activity animals, who spend most of their free time on their side.

But, despite their love to take a nap once again, they can not be called inactive at all, pugs will play with their master with pleasure, they love walks and are even able to travel long distances. Kind and friendly - pugs can become a real member of the family, they love to receive guests and are great as a living toy for children.

Pretty boy

If you decide to get such a friend, then you should learn how to care for a pug, because, even if a child can cope with the care of such a pet, there are specific moments.

In the world there are a large number of versions that tell about the origin of this breed of dogs, the most common converges to the fact that they are from Ancient China.

There they lived exclusively in rich houses, and the wrinkled crease on the forehead, which was not so deep at that time, resembled some kind of hieroglyph, because of which it was called the “imperial sign”. Pugs came to Europe about 400 years ago, first gained popularity in France and then in England: the content of such a dog in a noble house was considered a sign of good form.

Sweet dog

Lovers of art have not cheated such an amazing breed of dogs with attention: pugs, more often than other quadrupeds, are caught in paintings, engravings, in bronze and clay, in the form of figurines and even toys. Over time, the admirers of this breed became more and more and today it is one of the most popular dogs.

Before you get such a puppy, weigh all the pros and cons, because this kid as a result will become a member of your family, will need your attention and care. Too busy people and those who appear extremely rarely at home, such a breed will not work, because pugs are used to following the owner everywhere, and if he is not always there, the dog will start feeling sad and may even get sick.

Before selecting a puppy, be sure to go around a few nurseries, look at the different options and only then make a choice: the puppy your choice falls on should win your attention in the very first minutes of your acquaintance.

Be sure to pre-bother the issue of prices that may vary from the quality of blood lines. Be sure to inspect all the puppies from the litter: they should be plump, strong and active, and not thin and ungainly.

If you are looking for an exhibition copy, then pay attention to color: the coat should not have white markings on the legs and chest, regardless of whether the beige or black color of the puppy.

Character and behavior

As we already said, pugs are pets for the lazy - calm and docile, like to soak once again in a horizontal position.

What eyes

But, in times of energy tides, dogs of this breed are able to turn into a real hurricane, run and jump, feel in an active game with the owner, however, this charge of cheerfulness is enough for no more than 5-10 minutes, after which they go to the deserved couple of hours recreation.

This breed of dog is great, as for beginners,so for the experienced: peace-loving, soft and docile, they quickly understand the “human language”, catch what they want from them, and are able to express their own desires.

Actually, you can pamper yourself with such a pet by anyone who is able to provide him with proper care and a sufficient amount of time for communication and training. By the way, it is worth noting that sometimes there are rather stubborn individuals who absolutely do not want to succumb to the standard methods of dog training, but patience and care, as a result, do their job.

Maintenance and care

Despite the fact that this breed of dogs requires specific care, there is nothing complicated in it: special attention is paid to wool, folds over eyes and ears, in which sulfur sometimes accumulates, to puppies they are sometimes even tied up for the correct position.

It is worth noting that pugs shed heavily, so they are definitely not suitable as allergy pets. It is necessary to comb them out once a week with a brush with stainless steel teeth in the direction of wool growth. You can do this more often, often pugs like to comb and even wait for this procedure.

Black color

Folds on the face is a vulnerable place for such dogs, due to insufficient care, they can develop various fungal or infectious diseases.To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to take care of them once a week, preferably to accustom the pet to such a procedure since childhood.

To do this, take the dog in his arms, gently lift the crease and wipe directly inside and above the nose with a normal baby lotion that does not contain alcohol and odor. Wipe under the eyes, continue until the cotton swab is completely clean. If you notice that there is a disease between the folds, then be sure to contact the veterinarian, he will explain to you what to take advantage of in such a situation.

Tricky glance

In addition, dogs of this breed need to brush their teeth and cut their claws, usually 1 time per 2 weeks for nails and 1 time per week for the jaw. Pugs do not need increased physical activity, however, they need daily walks as well as short live games.

You should also remember that pugs do not tolerate high humidity in the air and heat, because of which they can hurt. It is important not to forget that such dogs are prone to obesity, so make sure that they do not overeat and neglect the range that helps to lose excess kilograms of the animal.

As for nutrition, it is, in fact, the same as for any other four-legged, most importantly, it is the balance and quality of food. If you prefer dry food, be sure to monitor its quality, if you are in doubt, it is better to go to cooking natural food that will bring great benefits to your pet.

A true friend

Pugs are considered to be excellent beggars, their imploringly big eyes often leave no chance for the owner, which is why such pets often overeat, be sure to watch this moment!

And finally: remember that pugs are very loving and friendly animals, they meet your guests in the first rows, always try to knit themselves with your hands if you sit down on a sofa to relax, actively participate in all family matters and love to sleep in one bed with the hosts.

If you are ready to love such a creation, not only for its cute look, as in all photos, but also for a special character warehouse, then do not hesitate for a minute and go for a new member of your family!

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