Prigogine about the twins Valeria: "They are our relatives"

The singer's husband finally revealed the secret of the appearance in his family of twins, like him as two drops of water.

"New Year's morning began today at 3:00 pm with two angels." Innocent message of Joseph Prigogine caused a stir in the social network. He is 48 years old, his wife, beautiful Valeria, 49, no one has seen her pregnant for the last 20 years, where did the children come from? Or maybe it's grandchildren? And if so, from whom? The choice is big, because for two, Valeria and Joseph have six children. Joint, sorry, no. So, maybe they still corrected this annoying omission? Moreover, the two kids are so similar to Joseph Igorevich himself ...

Jan 1, 2018 at 4:13 pst

The singer herself added fuel to the fire. “Gathered for a walk,” Valeria signed a photo taken in the elevator. In the picture with her are all the same two karapuz.

Fans finally fell into a stupor. They even suggested that these were not living children, but reborn dolls. “You yourself are dolls!” - Valeria’s daughter Anna Shulgina didn’t tolerate it.And she asked her mother not to upload more photos of “beads,” as she called the kids: “I’m not posting it myself!”

Jan 25, 2018 at 3:21 PST

But finally a mystery and unraveled. Joseph Prigogine still explained where the mysterious babies came from.

“These are not my grandchildren, but these children are not strangers to us. These are our distant relatives, children were born at them, - the producer "told". - These are not our children, not our grandchildren. But these children are not strangers to us. ”

They say it’s not at all customary in their family to divide children into friends and foes. Children - they are children. And what about the surprising similarities, Prigogine explained it by common roots. Caucasian.

“And in general, all relatives are alike!” Said Joseph Igorevich.

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