Predictions for the New Year 2013 from Nostradamus and Vanga

Predictions for New Year 2013

What are the predictions for the New Year 2013, foretold us well-known clairvoyants.

2012 is not over yet, and the inhabitants of the Earth are already showing an active interest in what future we can expect in 2013. In some predictions of the most famous clairvoyants of Nostradamus and Vanga, much attention was paid to 2013. Modern interpretations of the famous quatrains of Nostradamus may differ, because he used a special cipher to write them. Unlike the French soothsayer, the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga spoke in quite simple language, so the interpretation of her prophecies is more straightforward and understandable.Predictions for the New Year 2013 from Nostradamus and Vangawill allow you to think about the year to come.


Predictions of Nostradamus for 2013.



Back in the 16th century, the French astrologer Michel Nostradamus foresaw a tectonic cataclysm that would begin in 2013. This year, according to Nostradamus, will be fatal for all the inhabitants of the Earth and for the planet as a whole.Volcanoes are activated to such an extent that people shudder from the terrible earthquakes, and the territory of Italy and France will be covered with cracks and faults. Volcanic activity of such power will lead to severe pollution of the atmosphere. "The sky will touch the ground," Nostradamus wrote, meaning that a huge amount of volcanic dust in the air would close the sunlight. The water in rivers and lakes will become unsuitable for drinking as a result of the precipitation of volcanic ash with rain. Then in Italy will begin severe flooding.


Of course, these destructive forces of nature will affect the livelihoods of people. Hunger and war will follow. These same cataclysms will affect other countries in the form of political and economic crises, which will become a problem for the whole world. In accordance with the prophecies of Nostradamus, all this will change the life of earthlings for the worse for many years.


Such optimistic predictions of Nostradamus for the New Year, of course, are not particularly encouraging. But the predictions of the Bulgarian seer Vanga make their own adjustments.


Vanga's predictions for 2013.



Vanga's predictions for 2013.

Vanga's predictions for 2013 New Year.

Like Nostradamus, Vanga also foresaw a number of crucial changes for the earthlings in 2013. But unlike the French "colleague", their reason was the human factor, not the natural factor. Vanga's prophecies also speak of catastrophes of a natural nature that will not bring any good to mankind. For example, that our planet will be between two other celestial bodies - the Sun and the unknown planet Nibiru. Due to the strong flares that appeared on the Sun, the Earth will undergo a powerful collapse of solar energy, as a result of which many people will die. The result will be numerous earthquakes, tsunamis, economic crises and policies of many countries. The tectonic plates will begin to move and form incredible-sized rifts in the ground. And February 2013 will be marked by the change of the Earth's poles and, accordingly, by global climate change on the entire planet. Because of these cataclysms, the connection of the spacecraft with the ground will be broken, and most of the most modern instruments will become completely useless. People will have to forget about such means of communication as cellular communication and the Internet.


These disasters will kill the lives of millions of people, chaos will prevail on the planet, but the expected end of the world should not be expected. Due to political crises on the ground, military conflicts will unfold, in which weapons of mass destruction will be used. Relations between Georgia and Afghanistan will be aggravated, the countries of the east and in particular Israel will become the territory of active hostilities. In the predictions of Vanga in 2013, our planet is waiting for devastation, chaos, hunger, an epidemic of cholera is possible. A new star will appear in the sky, which will eclipse the Sun with its brightness.


SomeVanga's predictions for 2013, are related to Russia. Unfortunately, they are not positive. Natural disasters - strong earthquakes and tsunamis - will also shake our state. Under the conditions of global cataclysms, a new religious and philosophical doctrine will arise in Russia, followed by many people, but it will not be a panacea for all ills. Like other countries, due to natural disasters, Russia will suffer a political crisis. Its consequences will be social and economic crises. Many professions will lose their relevance.due to the change of currencies, the financial crisis will be doubly aggravated, there is a high probability that a civil war will begin.


What do the stars say about the new 2013 year.



Modern astrologers believe that the beginning of 2013 will not be marked by global events. But in February, the world will be mired in political turmoil. There is a possibility that a civil conflict will shake Russia. The masses will split into several oppositions, because of which, perhaps, a civil war will begin.

What do the stars say about the new 2013 year.

What do the stars say about the new 2013 year.

In support of the prophecies of Vanga and Nostradamus, astrologers predict many natural disasters - strong hurricanes, devastating earthquakes and floods are waiting for our planet. Particularly affected again island Japan, China, will get the US coasts.


But it's all in general. But people are worried about what fate awaits each of them. The universe at times seems cruel, calculating and illogical, and sometimes - kind, wise and astute. In 2013, the stars will be more than ever complacent to people engaged in mental work. Special success in business should be expected of scientists, analysts, teachers, politicians.The Year of the Black Water Snake suggests imitation of its habits: wisdom, caution, attentiveness and slowness. And at the same time, the Serpent expects your readiness to make a quick decision at an important moment. On the other hand, if there is an opportunity to think about everything, then you should not get excited, it is better to evaluate all your strengths and capabilities.


Black Water Snakealso assumes your serious attitude to all important aspects of life: finances, work, family, relationships. In no case is it worth it to spend money spontaneously, on things that you do not need. In 2013, the Snake promises the successful development of love relationships, the creation of a new family, the addition to the family. The main thing, as mentioned above, is not to commit rash actions. A reliable family union will be found by those who approach the creation of a family not “carelessly”. Born in 2013, children will be distinguished by special wisdom and discretion.


In 2013, luck awaits all projects that are related to science and research. On a global scale, scientific discoveries in the field of medicine are possible, in particular, in the development of new medicines.Most signs of the Zodiac expect financial well-being and stability.


We can not be one hundred percent sure that the predictions for New Year 2013 from Nostradamus and Vanga will come true. Nevertheless, we see the similarity of the prophecies of different generations. On the one hand, it makes them more believable, on the other - as our ancestors said, “wait and see”.

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