Poems about the fall for school children and short quatrains for preschool children. Beautiful poems of Russian poets about autumn

SPO-001Magic beautiful autumn comes to the world immediately after a carefree, bright summer and colors everything around in brilliant gold, bronze and crimson colors. With the onset of this pore, nature gradually parted with hints of lush greenery, and the sky from a transparent blue becomes thick blue. The weather changes and clear, sunny days are increasingly giving way to coolness, rainy and rains. From the most ancient times to today, the most famous poets draw inspiration from the delights of the yellow-orange season. They tirelessly sing autumn in their works, calling her either a golden-haired beauty, or a scarlet fairy, or a touchy beauty.Many quatrains of the great Alexander Pushkin, the lyrical lines of Sergei Yesenin and the touching phrases of other poets, among those who today are called pillars of Russian literature, are permeated with delight, admiration and love for the autumn days. Modern poets are not far behind the classics, especially authors who write for children of primary school age and are pre-school children. Their short rhymed lines vividly glorify the beauty of autumn nature and call for them to enjoy the last fine days, which are especially valuable in the run-up to the approaching cold weather.

Short and beautiful poems about the autumn of Russian poets


People who deserve the fame of famous poets have a special view of the world and see the beautiful where the average person does not always notice something. Their poems beautifully and lyrically glorify the fall and the natural events taking place at this moment. Short rhyming phrases colorfully describe a leaf falling in a whirling dance, slowly graying the sky, the density of sad clouds and the timid attempts of a sunbeam still trying to force its way through their dense veil. Each line, written by the poet’s talented hand,enables any person to feel the atmosphere of the change of seasons and even in the midst of the summer heat or in the fierce winter blizzard suddenly feel the delicate aroma of fallen leaves and, as if in reality, hear the scream of cranes flying over the city toward warm, southern edges.



The leaves in the field turned yellow,

And whirl and fly;

Only in the bog drop your spruce

Greens dark store.

Under the overhanging rock

I do not like, between flowers,

Plowman to rest sometimes

From the noon labors.

Beast of the brave willy-nilly

Hide somewhere in a hurry.

The moon is dim and the field is dark at night.

Through the mist, only silver.

M.Yu. Lermontov



The days are colder

And from a bird's cry

My heart has become sadder.

Flocks of birds fly away

Off, beyond the blue sea.

All trees shine

In multi-colored dress.

The sun laughs less often

There is no incense in the flowers.

Autumn is coming soon

And crying when you get woken up.

K.D. Balmont


Autumn. Fairy Tale,

All open to review.

Forest roads,

Staring into the lake.

As in the exhibition of paintings:

Halls, halls, halls, halls

Elm, ash, aspen

In gilding unprecedented.

Linden hoop golden -

Like a crown on the bride.

Face birch - under the veil

Wedding and transparent.

Buried land

Under foliage in ditches, pits.

In the yellow maples of the wing,

As if in gilded frames.

Where are the trees in September

At dawn stand in pairs,

And the sunset on their bark

Leaves a trace amber.

Where you can not step into the ravine,

So that everyone does not know:

So raging that no step,

Under the feet is a woody leaf.

Where sounds at the end of the alleys

Echo at a steep descent

And dawn cherry glue

It stiffens in the form of a clot.

Autumn. Ancient corner

Old books, clothes, weapons,

Where is the treasure catalog

Scrolls through the cold.

B.L. Parsnip

Poems about the fall of Russian classic poets Pushkin, Nekrasov and Yesenin


Poems about the fall of Russian classic poets are famous throughout the world. So far, not only in Russia, but also in many other countries, they admire with beautiful lines filled with touching tenderness and lyrical mood. The magnificent creations of talented poets are included in the school curriculum, studied in detail in institutions of higher education, memorized for performance at various festive themed events and simply read for your own pleasure and enhancement of the general cultural level.

Poems about Autumn - A.S. Pushkin

Sad time! Eye charm!
I love your farewell beauty
I love the lush nature of fading,
In scarlet and in gold clad woods,
In their wind of the wind is noise and fresh breath,
And in the dark wavy sky covered,
And a rare ray of the sun, and the first frost,
And distant gray-eyed menace.


Oh, the sky breathed in the autumn,
Less often the sun shone,
The day was shorter
Mysterious canopy of forests
With a sad noise was exposed,
Fog went to the fields,
Geese flashy caravan
Stretching towards the south: approaching
Pretty boring time;
It was November already at the yard.


There was a noise; field-pipe
My privacy has been announced
And with the image of a mistress dredge
Last flew dream.
The shadow of night has already fallen from heaven.
Dawn has risen, pale day shines -
And around me deaf desolation ...
I don’t have it ... I was off the coast
Where the darling went in the evening clear;
On the shore, on the green meadows
I did not find a little visible traces
Left her beautiful leg.
Thoughtfully wandering in the middle of nowhere,
I uttered the name of incomparable;
I called her - and the voice of a secluded
Empty valleys called her in the distance.
Came to the stream, attracted by dreams;
His jet flowed slowly
I do not tremble in their unforgettable image.
There is no it! .. Until sweet spring
I said goodbye with bliss and with soul.
Autumn with a cold hand
The heads of birch and linden are naked,
It roars in the hollow forests;
There the yellow leaf is spinning day and night,
There is a fog on the waves cooled,
And instant wind whistling is heard.
Fields, hills, familiar oak forests!
Keepers of sacred silence!
Witnesses of my longing, fun!
You are forgotten ... until sweet spring!

Poems about Autumn - N. Nekrasov

Nice autumn! Healthy, vigorous
The air weary forces invigorates;
Ice is not strong on the river icy
As if melting sugar lies;

Near the forest, as in a soft bed,
You can sleep - peace and spaciousness!
The leaves do not have time to fade,
Yellow and fresh lie like a carpet.

Nice autumn! Frosty nights
Clear, quiet days ...
No ugliness in nature! And kochi,
And moss bogs and stumps -

All is well under the moonlight
Everywhere I recognize my native Russia ...
I quickly fly along the iron rail,
I think my thoughts ...


First - a holiday village,
Today - autumn is hungry;
There is no end to the sorrow of women,
Not to beer and wine.
Since Sunday, mail raves
Our Orthodox people,
On Saturdays in the city goes,
He walks, asks, he finds out:
Who is killed, who is wounded in the summer,
Who is missing, who found?
For some hospitals
Survived razvezli?
Is it so creepy! Code of Heaven
Dark at noon, as in the night;
Do not sit in a hut close,
Does not lie on the stove.
He was well fed, warmed, thank God,
Only to sleep! No, do not sleep
So pulls on the road,
You never mind.
And the striker is dear to us!
So crippled carry a lot
What is behind them on the hill
As the wagons roll,
Human moans
Clearly heard at dawn.

Late fall. The rooks flew away
The forest laid bare, the fields were empty,

Just do not squeeze a strip of one ...
She thinks sadly.

It seems to whisper ears of each other:
"It's boring for us to listen to the autumn blizzard,

It's boring to bow down to the ground,
Fat grains bathing in the dust!

We, that night, ruin the villages
Every passing voracious bird

The hare tramples us, and the storm beats us ...
Where is our plowman? What else is waiting?

Or are we worse off than others?
Or unfriendly blossomed?

No! we are not worse than others - and for a long time
In us poured and ripened grain.

It was not for the same plowing and sowing
For us to disperse the wind in the autumn? .. "

The wind bears them a sad response:
“Your plowman is no pussy.”

I knew why he plowed and sowed,
Yes, I can not afford the work started.

Poor poor man - does not eat or drink,
A worm sucks his heart sick,

The hands that brought these furrows,
Dried into a chip, hung like a whip.

The eyes dim, and the voice was gone,
What a mournful song sang,

As on a plow, laying on one's hand,
Plowman walked thoughtfully down the streak.

Poems about the fall - S. Yesenin

In the autumn kychet owl
Over the expanse of the road wounds.
My head flies around
Hair bush golden withers.

Field, steppe "ku-gu"
Hello, mother blue aspen!
Soon a month, swimming in the snow,
Sits in rare son curls.

Soon I get cold without foliage,
Ringing stars pouring ears.
Without me, young men will sing,
The elders will not listen to me.

A new poet will come from the field,
In the new forest will be announced whistling.
In the autumn sprinkles the wind,
In the autumn whispering leaves.


Golden foliage spun
In the pinkish water on the pond,
Like a butterfly flock of light
With a fading flies on a star.

Today I am in love with this evening
Close to the heart is a yellowing dol.
Hemmed at the birch hem.

And in the shower and in the valley of coolness,
Blue dusk like a flock of sheep,
Behind the gate of the quiet garden
The bell will ring and freeze.

I've never been thrifty
So did not listen to reasonable flesh,
It would be nice, like willow branches,
To dive into the pinkness of the waters.

It would be nice to smile at the stack
Mop month hay chew ...
Where are you, where, my quiet joy,
All the love, nothing to desire?

Well under the autumn freshness
I shake the Soul-apple tree with the wind
And watch as over the river cuts
Water blue sun plow.

Good knock out of the body
Glowing song of the nail.
And in festive white clothes
Wait for the guest to knock.

I study, I study with my heart
Color cherry in the eyes of cherish,
Only in stinginess feelings are heated,
When the ribs break the leak.

The star belfry is quietly silent,
No leaf, no candle.
I will not let anyone in the room,
I won't open the door for anyone.

Poems about autumn for children in kindergarten - short for the holiday


At the beginning of the school year, numerous pre-school holidays are held in the pre-school day institutions, matinees, and solemn events dedicated to the onset of the fall season. For such events, teachers together with their parents think up an interesting and fun entertainment program, which necessarily includes poems about the golden autumn.For children in kindergarten, they usually pick up not too long works, easily remembered and well received by ear. The kids diligently memorize the rhymed lines, and then they are read from the stage of the assembly hall to parents, tutors and other invited guests.


So that little earth overwinter without hassle,

Her autumn patchwork sews a blanket.

Sheet sews neatly to the sheet,

Pine needle stitch customizes.

Leaflets to choose from - any useful.

Here next to the crimson lilac falls,

Though the taste of the seam is golden,

Will fit and brown, and even spotted.

Binds them carefully webbing thread.

More beautiful than this, you will not find pictures.


Autumn walks along the path

Soaked in the puddles of the legs.

Pouring rain

And there is no clearance.

Lost somewhere summer.

Autumn is walking,

The autumn roams.

Maple leaves wind


Under the feet of the mat is new,

Yellow-pink -



Yellow coins fall from a branch ..

Under the feet of a treasure!

It is autumn golden

Gives leaves, not counting.

Golden Leaves

To you and us

And all in a row.

Poems about autumn - short works for children of 3-4 years

Autumn baby

For children of 3-4 years old, they find simple and short verses about autumn with a clear and understandable rhythm.It is important that they do not have difficult speech turns and are difficult for the pronunciation of words, because at this age, kids are not always well and correctly spelled all the letters. If a child makes a mistake during a public performance and realizes that others have noticed it, the reaction may be the most unexpected - from mild embarrassment to serious fright, tears and stress. In addition, these unpleasant moments usually remain for a long time in the subconscious and in the future often provoke various complexes, phobias and fears. Adults who control the process of selecting a children's repertoire need to take this delicate factor into account and very responsibly draw up a program for pre-school celebrations.


Following the summer, autumn is coming,

Yellow songs she wind sings.

Red foliage under his feet,

White snowflake flies into the blue.


Autumn, fall, do not rush
And wait with the rains.
Give us more summer
The sun and light.


A hedgehog curled under a bush
Wet and prickly.
And mows the rain over the forest,
Driving away clouds.
In leaves red dressed
Smiles a stump.
I stood dry all summer,
And now wet through.

Poems about autumn for preschool children 6-7 years old - kind and touching


For preschool children of 6-7 years, beautiful, touching and very kind poems about autumn are selected. They describe the signs of the coming golden season and the associated characteristic weather conditions. Sometimes in the rhymed lines there is a touch of light sadness on the past summer, but it does not interrupt the basic cheerful mood of the works. Autumn poems kids read aloud at various thematic holidays and matinees, which are held in large numbers in children's institutions with the onset of the next school year. Often the rhymed lines are illustrated with small costumed scenes, where small actors play the events described in the works. Such performances are always very pleased parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, educators, mentors and guests invited to attend the bright, colorful event.


Autumn forest every year

Pays gold for the entrance.

Look at the aspen -

All is dressed in gold,

And she babbles:

- I'll sleep ... -

And shivers from the cold.


And birch is glad

Yellow alongside:

- Well, the dress!

What a beauty! -

Quickly the leaves scattered,

The frost came suddenly.

And the birch whispers:

"I'm freezing! .."


I got worn out and have oak

Gilded fur coat.

Recognized oak, yes late

And he rustles:

- I'm freezing! Merznu! -

Cheated gold -

Not saved from the cold.


Turn woods

In painted sails.

Autumn again, leaves again

Without a beginning, without end

Behind the river and at the porch.

Here they float somewhere -

Then back, and then forward.

From dawn to dusk

The wind tears them apart.

Full day rain slanting

Pull the thread through the woods

Like repairing painted,

Golden sails ...


Between the trees, between the pines

Carefully wanders autumn.

Autumn - Red Fox -

Paints in the red color of the forest.

But green dress

Do not paint it in the boron.

For fox sharp and pegs

Forests of conifer needles.

Poems about autumn - quatrains for children 5-6 years old


Poems about autumn in one or two quatrains are excellent for preschool children, who still have trouble remembering long and lengthy rhymed texts. But short products with a clear rhythm, children under the age of 6-7 years, grasp, literally, on the fly and with pleasure recite out loud at every opportunity. Repertoire for kids should be selected very carefully and with skill. Here beautiful poems of Russian classical poets, for example, Pushkin and Lermontov, will be appropriate. But with creativity Yesenin better to wait a little.Five-six-year-olds will hardly be able to correctly understand the originality of his syllable, and it will be difficult for them to memorize florid turns. Perhaps the most successful option for kids will be rhymed lines of modern authors who write specifically for children of the youngest preschool age.


Here is a maple leaf branch.
Today he is just like new!
All ruddy, golden.
Where are you, leaf? Wait!


Autumn, autumn, wait,
Leave you do not rush.
You linger a little bit
With us in the dance spin.


Autumn - red fox,
Day and night she can not sleep.
Where chanterelle runs -
The forest is scarlet.

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