Pinzar in a mini-dress criticized for thick legs

Not only was the star not dressed for the weather, she also showed all the flaws of her figure.

More recently, Pynzar invited fans to ask her questions through a social network, they gladly began to ask her, because they knew that Dasha would answer honestly.

As always, questions about the figure came first. Pynzar did not hide her, and said that with a height of 161 centimeters, she weighs 54 kilograms. It seems to be a small figure, but after all, with the same weight you can look different. For example, Daria has recently turned into crumbs, and this is very noticeable in her last photo.

Daria Pynzar
Photo: @ darya_pinzar86

Pynzar flew to Moscow to her beloved husband and the first thing she did was take selfies against the background of the metropolitan cityscape. But fans of the photo are not appreciated.

First, the followers were confused by Dasha's black mini-dress. Someone found him too provocative. However, the images of Pynzar were never modest.Even in Turkey - a country with very different traditions and customs, she managed to flaunt in open T-shirts and ultrashort shorts. In addition, the girl's outfit was clearly not in line with the weather - after all, autumn had already entered its rights, and at night it was not hot on the street.

But even more attention was paid by the fans to the obviously fat legs of the ex-participant “House-2”. And someone even at night photo managed to see cellulite. It seems that lying on the beach and all those delicious Turkish dishes that Daria is happy to photograph for her Instagram, didn’t go to the beauty to the advantage. By the way, many have already noted that after moving to Alanya, Pynzar began to look older. Oddly enough, not everyone goes to live by the sea!

Well, Dasha recently found her eldest son a good school in Turkey, and now, it seems, she will have to look for a fitness club with a professional trainer. After all, the fans hope to see Pynzar after all not a puff, but the same reed as before.

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