Photos from the wedding of Kim Kardashian, which you have not seen

It just so happened that all week we are considering wedding photos. At first it was the younger sister of the Duchess Catherine Pippa Middleton, and now Kim Kardashian. And no, you didn’t miss anything, the reality show star didn’t gather for the third time, just decided to congratulate Kanye West’s spouse on another wedding anniversary in Florence in 2014 (and at the same time end the rumors that the couple are on the verge of parting from time to time appear in the press).

In honor of the joyful event, Kim shared several previously unpublished photos from that day. In the pictures we can see the latest fitting of a Givenchy wedding dress, the little girl North West's fees and a kiss with Kanye West. So, it turns out, Kim, if he wants, can keep something in secret and not show it to anyone. Well, until a certain moment, of course.

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