PBX: what is it?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 4, 2014
PBX: what is it?

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PBX: what is it?

Very often in reputable firms, where a large number of people work, they install a mini-PBX. This not only facilitates the work of the office, but also reduces the load on urban telephone networks. Users who have not encountered this device are wondering what it is - “Mini - PBX”.

The concept of PBX

PBX - automatic telephone exchange, which is used internally or in small production. A distinctive feature of the city PBX is a small number of used numbers.

This device is installed in a small room of the organization, and all internal telephone lines are distributed between subscribers. If the organization would not use a mini-PBX, then each employee who uses a fixed telephone would need to be allocated a separate line.

To date, digital mini PBX, which allows you to connect and cellular devices, is widespread.


Among the main functions of the PBX are:

  • the ability to take city numbers and redirect them to the necessary numbers within the network;
  • communication of subscribers within the network;
  • the ability to make phone calls to the city.

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