Pasta Pie

Pie with pasta filling photoPasta Pie

Ha 6 servings:

Pasta 500g:

short pastry -500 g:

milk-1 l:

"Parmesan", grated-90 g:

butter -60 g:

Thinly sliced ​​“mozzarella” - 150 g:

eggs, hard-boiled and cut into 4 parts -3pcs:

salt and freshly ground pepper:


Pasta Pie



Take a large pan or a deep baking dish, roll two thirds of the whole dough, and lay out the bottom and sides of the dish with it. Leave one third of the dough to make a pie lid.


Put two pans on the stove, boil the milk in one, pour water into the other, bring it to a boil, salt it, put the pasta in it and cook it until half cooked. Then pour the oxen and cook the pasta in the milk - make sure that they do not digest. When the pasta is ready, drain some of the milk and season the pasta with grated "Parmesan" and butter. Then take the form and fill the "basket" of dough with pasta, first salt and pepper them, and then spread out in layers, between which place the slices of "mozzarella" and quartered boiled eggs.Make sure that the layers fit snugly together. When the “basket” of dough is filled with filling, cover it with a lid of dough and seal the edges tightly so that there is no gap between the “basket” and the lid. Place the cake in the oven, preheated to 190 ″ C, for 40 minutes or until. until the dough is crispy and brown.

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