Pandanus - home care

Lighting and temperature

Pandanus can tolerate a lack of lighting for only a short amount of time. If he does not have enough light, the leaves begin to lose strength and bend over, and variegated forms change their original color.
The plant needs good lighting in the autumn-winter period, at this time it does not need pritenyat. You can additionally use fluorescent lamps for 8 hours, placing them above the pandanus at a distance of 60-70 cm. It is recommended to turn the pot periodically to avoid one-sided development.
Ventilate the area regularly, but avoid drafts. In summer, pandanus can be taken out into the open air, but it is necessary to protect it from direct sunlight and precipitation. The plant tolerates room temperatures well; there is no fundamental difference between summer and winter conditions for growing it. In all seasons, the temperature should not be kept below + 15 ° C, it is best to keep pandanus at + 19-25 ° C.

Watering and feeding

In summer, the plant is watered abundantly, but the topsoil should dry out between waterings. At the same time it is impossible to allow the earthen clod to dry out. It is best to conduct the lower watering with warm water with a temperature of about + 35oC.
In winter and autumn, it is recommended to water moderately, 2-3 days after the top layer of the substrate dries out. Water should be used well-settled and soft, its temperature should be 2-3 ° C higher than that of the surrounding air. If it is below + 18 ° C, the plant can get sick.
Fertilizing is carried out in the period from March to August every week or every 2 weeks, for this they use flower fertilizer. In the cold season it should be made no more than 1 time per month. Pandanus air roots are formed, they can not be cut or removed. To prevent the roots from drying out, they should be moistened with wet peat or moss and moistened regularly. It is especially important to do this in the summer.


Young plants are transplanted annually, adults - every 2-3 years. Since the roots of pandanus are very fragile, it recommends doing the transshipment without disturbing the earthen room. New substrate is prepared from the sheet and sod land, humus and sand, all components are taken in equal shares.
For transplantation, deep dishes are prepared and drainage is constructed for at least one third of the pot. The plant is not buried in the substrate, it is left at the same level as it was in the old tank. Before the procedure is recommended to collect the leaves of pandanus in a bundle and tie.

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