Who are flexitarians

Who are flexitarians? Have you heard of people who call themselves Flexitarians? Or maybe you are already such, but you just don't know about it yet? Flexitarianism is a trend in dietetics, which implies a partial rejection of meat and animal products. Partial, but.

Making a wooden rug

Making wooden rug One of the garden decorations that is often found in landscape design is a wooden chaise, which is also often used as a stand for flowerpots. If you have the necessary tools, you can do it yourself. To work, you will.

Satin Ribbon Tulips

Satin Ribbon Tulips What can be more beautiful than a bouquet of tulips on a beautiful spring day? A cute bouquet can decorate a vase or a haircut if you make a hairpin from them. Tulips can decorate a basket and present such a.

Old furniture decor

Decor of old furniture The old chair, which lost its original fresh look, but retained its softness and comfort, deserves renewal and even long years of service. Like a chest of drawers that has survived several generations, it is worthy of a place in.

Feelings of the dog

Dog's sense organs Dog's sense organs have the ability to more completely perceive and analyze information from the outside world. So, a dog and a cat can hear very high sounds (ultrasounds) that a person does not perceive. Dogs, cats, horses catch before people.

Beach fashion 2015

Beach fashion 2015 Creating a beach wardrobe is a responsible occupation, starting with choosing a swimsuit. And only beachwear in 2015 will help make the right choice. Every year, designers create original elements, thanks to which fashion becomes diverse. Let's take a closer look.

Funny Sunny Bunny

Funny Sunny Bunny Taking care of their children, mothers choose reliable and high-quality toys. And lately, they prefer to sew a toy on their own. Such toys are filled with light, kindness, mother's caress and care, positive energy, which will surely be transferred to.

Knitted envelope

Knitted envelope Sometimes you may need a gift envelope for bills or postcards, and maybe for other gift items. And such an envelope does not have to be standard paper. You can vary the type of this package by making the envelope knitted. And.

Kiwi Pomponch

Pumpkin Kiwi Pomponchik-kiwi- we make of yarn popmpon in the form of kiwi. Materials and tools: white, black, green and brown yarn thick cardboard; scissors. Step 1 Cut out 2 cardboard bases for making pompons and lay them together between them to lay a.

Pipe Fittings

Pipeline Fittings Pipeline fittings are devices that are mounted on systems of the same name and installed on various planes and vessels. These components are provided for high-quality and effective management, for a quick shutdown process, efficient and beneficial distribution, adjustment, discharge, mixing process.

Pillow Cat

Pillow Cat Sometimes you want to buy something in your house so that it is not just beautiful and cozy, but also convenient and functional. And if the hands can do needlework, then you can make a lot of beautiful and pleasant things to.

Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie Lemon Pieis a recipe. Ingredients: sour cream - 250 gr; butter - 110 g; soda - 1/2 tsp.; flour - 2 cups lemon / orange - 1.5 pcs sugar - 1 cup; yolk - 1 pc; powdered sugar. Cooking Mix sour cream.

Art Deco Mirror

Art Deco Mirror You can decorate the interior in the now fashionable and non-trivial art-deco style yourself, without having to buy expensive designer decor items. Exceptionally emphasize this luxurious mirror style. Art Deco is characterized by clear lines and the active use of 3.

Crafts from CDs

Crafts from CDs Wonderful box for small things To keep order in your house, you need to store small things somewhere. For this business our perfect wonderful handmade jewelry box is perfect. To work, we need super glue, an old box of medium size.

Cocktail party

Cocktail party How to arrange a beautiful evening reception with cocktails There is a standing, while holding a glass in his hand, is this not a nightmare? And what to do with used toothpicks stick in a pot of ficus? And how to shake.

Birch log bed

A bed of birch logs Crafts, Vintage, Decor, Workshop, Furniture, Cheap Outside the window, the temperature rises and you can slowly begin to repair or update your home interior. Today wewill build something fashionable, brutal-rustic, very unusual and environmentally friendly - a lounge chair.

Wooden icons

Wooden icons Badges for clothes appeared quite a long time ago. In primitive society, they were insignia made of stones, feathers, animal tusks and bones. Now many who can see these accessories on jackets, backpacks, baseball caps, bags, etc. as decorations. Icons can be.

Oil Light

Oil Light It often happens that suddenly the electricity is cut off, and there are no paraffin candles at hand. In this case, the oil lamp will be the best solution. In order to make a lamp on oil, we need: 1. Old light.

Original lampshades, which you can make yourself

Original lampshades that you can make yourself An ideal and stylish interior is not only painted walls, ceilings, furniture chosen to match, lighting design also plays a very important role, because it is a pretty chandelier or an unusual night lamp that can play.

How to make a boat in Minecraft

How to make a boat in Minecraft? Galina Uneasy February 19, 2013 In the game Minecraft, as in life, the boat is more efficient than navigating the water. With it, you can quickly navigate the waters and catch fish, which will be enough for.

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