The chief tyrant: how to survive

Chief-tyrant: how to survive? admin Managers are different: good-natured, friendly, aggressive and completely inadequate. The actions of the latter are often despotic. Such people do not tolerate disobedience, believing that the status of the chief obliges those around him to "dance to their tune.".

Secrets of the perfect stuffing

Secrets of the perfect stuffing When cooking your favorite meatballs, you can not be too sophisticated and buy ready-made minced meat in the store, but if you are familiar with cooking firsthand, you know that the best stuffing is the one that is cooked.

How to cook a delicious pumpkin

How tasty to cook a pumpkin? The pumpkin vegetable, surprising in its composition, color and exquisite taste, is not always and not everyone's liking: perhaps it’s just the wrong way to make it. It is the pumpkin that is recommended (and not by accident!).

How to equip the attic floor in the house

How to equip the attic floor in the house? Until the middle of the 17th century, attics in houses served as a kind of storeroom for old and unnecessary things. In rare cases, linen was hung there after washing. But once a young architect.

What is dangerous express diet

What is dangerous express diet? Always be slim, fit and attractive - the dream of every woman. But nature has endowed everyone with a different “constitution” of the body. That is why some girls can afford to overeat goodies, while others are forced to.

How to grow a flower bilbergia

How to grow a flower bilbergia? If you want to get a houseplant for a long time, but you are an absolute newcomer in this business and you worry that you will not be able to cope with this responsible business, then you may.

What does a dream in which you see a hole mean

What does a dream in which you see a hole mean The pit in dreams is a symbol of a difficult situation, the collapse of a business, falling into a debt pit, etc. A dream in which you dig, foreshadows a difficult period, both.

How to make a face mask with glycerin

How to make a face mask with glycerin Useful properties of glycerin for skin The active ingredients of glycerin have a beneficial effect on the skin in several ways: - moisturizing - disinfection, - cleansing - smoothing - pulling up - regeneration. At the.

What are 3 examples of estates

What are 3 examples of estates There are 2 answers Carol scott Answered on April 12, 10:31 Earnings from 20 000 rubles a day! - Do you need a ready, already customized method of earnings? - Without difficult courses that you can not figure.

How to turn off the microphone

How to turn off the microphone? Sometimes it can happen that the turned on microphone interferes with the work. In this position, users think about how to temporarily or completely turn off the microphone. Our article describes the most common options for muting the.

Trends in Interior Design 2017

Trends in Interior Design 2017 As the New Year holidays approach, designers begin to work hard, because changing the calendar is also a period of new trends, including in the. To create an original and stylish project, you need to think about such details.

Why do the tips of the leaves of houseplants dry up?

Why do the tips of the leaves dry in indoor plants? Hardy, persistent and undemanding cultures can be unpleasantly surprising as well as indoor exotics. Some problems signal the need for a minor correction of the care program, others indicate imperceptible changes in conditions.

Bidding on the Internet

Bidding via the Internet Depending on where you live, you can have several good high-speed options for a reliable Internet connection. Cable and DL connections, as a rule, provide quite a satisfactory result. For security reasons, the use of wireless communication networks should be.

Useful properties of bergamot

Useful properties of bergamot Bergamot is not just tea, but an independent citrus fruit, which has numerous properties. Find out which ones! Description What is bergamot? It is a citrus hybrid fruit belonging to the Rutovs and obtained by artificially crossing two citruses: an.

Eleven great ideas for giving

Eleven great ideas for giving Each owner of the cottage, if desired, can find a lot of different ideas for the design of their site. For the manufacture of most of the scenery will be enough just available tools and minimal cost. And the.

CD-ROM Backlight

CD-ROM Backlight HELLO EVERYTHING !!! I want to share with you how I did the backlight -. Nbsp;Whatweneed:secondglue,solderingaccessories,wires,LEDs. LEDs Icutfromthehighlightofthe mobilephone,thatis,itskeyboard.Inthefirststage,youneedtoinstallLEDsint... spring-loadedcontactstotheCD-ROMAbody(notinanycasesnotonmetalotherwise... That's like, and everyone who does not understand call on Skype serg41836 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

How much does a home bar cost and is it needed

How much does a home bar cost and is it necessary? If you are not averse to sitting with a glass of your favorite brandy or whiskey at home, or you can allow yourself such weakness as a glass of fragrant wine at dinner.

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