Overview of the best restaurants in Barcelona

Every traveler, going to a new uncharted place, wants to appreciate not only the landscapes, architecture and sights, but also the kitchen. And to enjoy it, you need to find suitable restaurants. And which of them are considered the best and most popular in Barcelona?

  1. "Ca L’Isidre"- This is a premium class restaurant, which only wealthy people can afford to visit. And yet it is worth visiting here at least once, because this institution is considered the best in the opinion of the Spanish king Juan Carlos I, who often visits here. This famous restaurant is located in Barrio Chino, in the Gothic Quarter. The service is top notch, as is the quality of the exquisite dishes on offer, which are prepared using the freshest products. The menu is varied and updated almost daily, but a particularly wide selection of wines (the wine cellar of the institution is known throughout Barcelona). By the way, the daughter of the owner of the restaurant makes amazing desserts.Some of them include the finest golden foil that can be safely eaten.
  2. "Ábac". This is a restaurant at the hotel of the same name, but it has two Michelin guide stars, and it costs a lot. In the kitchen here creates a young and already recognized chef Jordi Cruz. The author's cuisine, so that all the dishes are unique and literally masterpieces, but at the same time cooked according to generally accepted traditions. But for some reason, many people remain dissatisfied with the service, considering it somewhat cold and heartless. The prices here bite, so, for example, the tasting menu can cost an average of 150 euros. But not only the kitchen deserves attention, but also the interior of the place. So, in the design there are all the shades of white, which allows you to tune in to business, and immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere. The windows overlook the stunning garden of the hotel.
  3. "Lasarte"at the Hotel Condes de Bacrelona. If you list the most popular restaurants, it is impossible not to mention this institution located in the very center of the city, because it was discovered by one of the most titled chefs, Martin Berasategui. In addition, this restaurant has received two Michelin stars.Here you can try both traditional Basque cuisine and real masterpieces of modern Mediterranean cuisine, so everyone will be satisfied. The average bill is about 150 euros, but the portions are very small, but each thanks to a chic table setting resembles the creation of a sculptor. The quality is on top, the choice is huge. And lovers of the beautiful will appreciate the interior of this institution in the Art Nouveau style. In general, everything is fine here.
  4. If you are looking for a place where you can eat relatively inexpensively and tasty, as well as enjoy the masterpiece author's cuisine, then by all means go to a restaurant"Manairó". This is a very cozy place with a unique atmosphere, which provides a combination of black and white tones in the interior. The chefs of this amazing restaurant are called the culinary magician and fakir, because he can turn any product into an amazing, fascinating and amazing imagination dish. What is only one star menu, for which many come here. The dishes wonderfully combine products of different textures, tastes and textures, and the result is a crazy mix.As for prices, they are fully consistent with the quality, especially when you consider that you will receive not only culinary, but also aesthetic pleasure.
  5. A restaurant"Hofmann"located in the prestigious district of Barcelona at the school of former jewelry designer and architect May Hofman, which today is a muse for many famous chefs. Here the most incredible dishes are offered, among which are pork legs stuffed with shrimps with seafood sauce, lobster lobster, sea duck in mustard sauce, glazed quails with chickpeas, rigatoni stuffed with chicken, cream soup of truffles and so on. Further. Desserts that glorified the school's creator deserve special attention. And visitors will be pleased with the atmosphere, which believes in comfort and romanticism at the same time. By the way, the creation of culinary masterpieces can be observed, because the kitchen is separated from the hall for guests by an almost transparent weightless curtain.
  6. "Neichel"- This is one of the oldest restaurants in Spain, which remains popular to this day. This is not just a place to eat. This is a place where you can get real pleasure from the dishes.The cuisine of this establishment is called high Mediterranean, but it also has subtle French notes. For example, here you can try carpaccio of scallops, tartare from lobster and shrimp, terrine with foie gras, pike perch with sage in mustard, tuna with asparagus, tender meat of lamb and much more. Desserts, too, will please the most fastidious sweet tooth. And here it is very comfortable. The tables are round, the decoration is simple and cozy, the tones are soft and gentle, and the light is more than enough.
  7. "Mil921". If you are a budget tourist, then by all means take a look at this place. The prices are quite affordable and correspond to the quality, the dishes are varied. The motto of the restaurant: "Tastes, colors and flavors." And you can enjoy all this to the fullest. And if you consider that all dishes are prepared only in a rush of inspiration, then you end up with real masterpieces. The service is high, and the portions are so large that you can not only satisfy your hunger, but also eat. And this institution is famous for being very cozy. Here you can meet with friends and family, as well as spend a quiet evening with your other half. All customers are satisfied.
  8. Saüc. This restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Ohla Hotel in the Gothic Quarter.The permanent chef of the establishment Xavier Franco, who, by the way, is a student of the legendary maestro of cooking Santi Santamaria offers a unique cuisine combining Catalan traditions, as well as the share of author's creativity. The choice is huge and will please any gourmet, and the non-spaced tourists will be especially delighted. The special attention deserves frikando, in which this restaurant specializes. But the menu has many other equally impressive dishes: tartar of smoked eel with ice apple sauce, sea duck with snails, scallops with fish and butifara, halibut with flowers and herbs. Desserts are prepared by a young but very talented cook. The selection of wines is small, but you will definitely find all the traditional Spanish and Catalan drinks.
  9. "Dos Cielos". Want to be in this culinary paradise, located literally in heaven? Then you should look here. This restaurant is located on the 24th floor of the hotel "Me". All meals are prepared by the twins Javier and Sergio Torres, each of which has three Michelin stars. The interior is made in bright colors and minimalism style, but the panoramic views are fascinating.And yet come here not for this, although the atmosphere means a lot. The tasting menu costs about 80 euros, and such dishes as foie gras ravioli with chestnut sauce, royal hare and black rice with sea cucumbers deserve special attention. And at 11 o'clock almost every day there are discos here, so you can not only eat, but also have fun.
  10. If you are looking for where you can eat, and at the same time love seafood and fish (and in Barcelona they are high-quality and fresh), then by all means go to a restaurant"Barceloneta"which serves dishes from the finest fish and seafood, the famous paella, as well as a variety of rice dishes. This establishment has existed for almost 20 years and remains one of the most popular in the city, because quite reasonable prices, high quality of service and dishes, as well as an amazing atmosphere are combined here (the windows of the restaurant overlook the pier).

If you are in this city, be sure to check out one of them.

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