Orthodox Easter: when and how best to meet?

-Christ is Risen!

-Hes truly risen!

These words, as a kind of greeting, for sure, you heard more than once, knowing full well what they mean. First of all, it means that the day of the annual Orthodox holiday has come, which, by right, can be called the largest, solemn and bright day of the Resurrection of Christ.

Sometimes you can come across another name - Great Day - it absolutely accurately reflects the essence and significance of the events of this Great Day, the king-day. With its many-sided history, Easter goes into deep and hoary antiquity, but, anyway, almost everyone knows the approximate course of events that formed the basis of almost the entire Christian doctrine.

This day became a symbol of redemption, a symbol of purity and the triumph of life over death, the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected after three days of suffering, torment and death.

Easter is one of the most colorful, bright and kind Orthodox holidays, which is celebrated from year to year, and, interestingly, the date of celebration changes.

Holiday symbols

This fact often causes confusion and confusion in the ranks of those who are not very keen on all church events, and it’s quite difficult to calculate the exact day of the celebration. The fact is that in the modern world we use calendar calculus, which is somewhat different from astronomical, by which, by the way, it is necessary to calculate the exact date of the celebration of Easter.

You are probably wondering when in 2014 they will celebrate Orthodox Easter, because for this event, like no other, you need to prepare well in advance.

This year, the date of celebration of this big and bright holiday falls on April 20th.

How to celebrate Easter?

Certainly, many people know that believers prepare for the celebration of the Great Day of the Resurrection of Christ in advance, observing the Great Lent, which in 2014 will last from March 3 to April 19. During this period of time, it is necessary not only to abandon carnal pleasures and various culinary masterpieces, the most important thing is internal self-purification, rethinking and awareness of spiritual values.

If for some reason you cannot observe fasting, then you can try at least in the last week to refuse meat, fish and dairy food, and also think about your soul.Such a lax and shortened “post” will add tangible joy from approaching and celebrating the bright holiday of Easter.

A special day from which, in fact, the main preparation for the celebration of the Day of Resurrection begins, is Holy Thursday or Pure Thursday, in which, according to Christian beliefs, Jesus participated in the famous Last Supper. It is believed that on this day it is necessary to cleanse both spiritually and physically, which is why it is common to swim in an ice hole, a river, a bath or, at least, in a usual home bath, it's important to do this before sunrise.

All dishes must be prepared with love.

In fact, the Easter holiday involves a whole lot of different traditions and rituals, which are still venerated and, at least not completely, but are mostly respected. And, by the way, many of them must be observed, starting, just the same, with Clean Thursday.

It is on this day that most of the housewives try to do away with all the domestic chores: to clean the dwelling, wash all the cottages and corners, and also start the Easter oven, the cakes and paint the eggs - the traditional symbols of the holiday.

According to the beliefs, before Good Friday everything should be ready, because this day is dedicated to the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.It is believed that on this day it is impossible to have fun and walk; it is undesirable to work, as it is a special day of sorrow and suffering. Many superstitions and rituals are associated with Good Friday, for example, it is believed that the bread baked on this day will never become moldy, and the sailors took such bread with them to the sea, as it protected it from shipwrecks and diseases.

On Good Friday, it is not customary to bake cakes or Easter, to do cooking for a festive table, if you did not have time to do it before, then it would be better to shift your worries to Saturday.

A masterpiece of cottage cheese

Great Saturday, that is the custom to call it, is the last day of Lent, the day when all believers bring colored eggs and Easter cakes to the church for lighting. Sometimes other foods are also put in the basket for lighting, although this is wrong, for example, homemade sausages and lard, cottage cheese and bread.

Upon returning from the church, a festive table is usually prepared, at which it is already allowed to eat modest food, as well as to taste Easter cakes. Usually, the Easter table literally gives off a wealth of food and delicacies; in the old days, wealthy owners could have up to 48 dishes on the table, which was equal to the number of days of the past Great Lent.

In addition to conventional cakes and eggs, the table traditionally serves baked lamb, roasted veal, ham, as well as a large number of other dishes - duck with apples, pork, sweet pancakes, pies, jelly and so on.

Each hostess is always concerned about the question of what to cook for Easter, because you want to get on the table delicious and original dishes. Instead of the usual cakes, you can cook a real Easter cake, which traditionally should be in the shape of a truncated pyramid.

Preparing this dessert is simple, and the output is really tasty and, importantly, a symbolic dish. As for the main dishes, it looks very interesting as a fill made in the form of eggs: thanks to a large number of colorful and colorful fillings, they have a really festive and very unusual look.

Do not forget to experiment: baking in the form of various figures - lambs, lambs, hares or poultry is a very interesting solution when decorating a festive table.

How to spend a holiday?

Do not forget that Easter does not end on one day, it lasts throughout the week, during which you can treat your friends and loved ones with cakes and painted eggs, as well as other goodies from your holiday table.

Easter Sunday is one of the few days when you can fully renounce worldly worries and troubles, fully immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere. If you still do not know where it is better to meet Easter, then the answer is obvious: take it with your family.

Painted painting - an exciting experience

The holiday feast should be fun and friendly, because it is on this day that the whole family should gather, from young to old. Do not forget about the existence of another old-fashioned holiday fun - playing cue balls. Such a joking competition like both adults and children, the main thing is to choose an egg stronger.

At Easter, it is customary to go on a visit, you can look even to those families that you haven’t visited for a long time - you should be welcomed everywhere with hospitality and hospitality.

Do not forget that on such a day do not go without gifts and baked cakes, and it is also important in every home to try pastries and concoctions of the hostess. If the holiday fell on a warm and lovely day, then you can easily spend it somewhere outside the city or in nature.

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