Original prints with your own hands

Signet - the original male decoration. And you can do it yourself if you try and show imagination.

Methods of making original seals

How to make an exclusive signet with your own hands that nobody will definitely have? Below are some interesting options.

Option number 1

The original seal will turn out from the most usual nut. But once you warn that this method is not the easiest and will require certain skills and the availability of specialized tools.

Here is what you need:

  • the nut (its diameter should almost coincide with the girth of the finger on which you are planning to wear the jewelry);
  • angle grinder;
  • Painting tape (or nail polish);
  • Grinder;
  • sandpaper (grains 600 and 220);
  • sharp knife;
  • file;
  • pliers;
  • cotton buds;
  • Power Supply;
  • water and common table salt.

Description of manufacture:

  1. First, all corners are sewn at the nut to give it a shape close to the seal.Securely clamp it with pliers and with the help of an angle grinder begin to work the corners. But leave one side unprocessed: it will play the role of the ring.
  2. Then you need to carry out the narrowing, which will allow to achieve the shape of the decoration. This procedure is performed gradually, and it is important to adhere to the symmetry of all sides. When the workpiece is narrowed enough, it will be possible to cut chamfers from its edges, and then bring the shape to almost perfect.
  3. Now go to the internal processing of the future signet. The thread is removed with a grinding machine, as it can injure or rub the skin of your finger. Processing is performed uniformly to preserve symmetry.
  4. The file smoothes out all the irregularities left by the grinder and grinder. The stage of grinding is completed with the use of sandpaper of different grit. Try to achieve a flat surface so that the decoration looks attractive and neat. Better to start with 220, and then go to 600.
  5. Now you can go on to create a sketch print. It all depends solely on your imagination: you can make a Celtic pattern or any inscription, meaningful date or initials.
  6. Now you need to prepare the blank for printing.To do this, you can stick masking tape on its widest main part in several layers or apply nail polish. Now, on top of the treated ring, apply the selected image with a sharp knife.
  7. Next is the etching by electrolysis. As a power source, you can choose a charger. The process is not so complicated, but be prepared for not the most pleasant smell. From water and salt, prepare a fairly concentrated solution. And to the ring connects the positive charge of the power supply. Wipe the cotton swab in a saline solution and attach a negative charge to this side. You got a homemade electrode, which you need to hold along the contours of the print, so that indentations are formed in the metal. After etching, you need to detach the workpiece from the current and remove the adhesive tape or varnish layer.
  8. The last stage will be the coating with varnish, which will give the ring a gloss and an attractive appearance. You can take as nail polish, and special acrylic, but always transparent.

Option number 2

At home, you can make an interesting seal of polymer clay. Here is what you need:

  • polymer clay (you can use different colors);
  • a needle or other sharp object;
  • acrylic paints.


  1. Take the polymer clay, from which you will make the basis. Roll up the sausage, wrap the finger with it, flatten the piece a little to make a regular ring.
  2. Next, take another portion of clay, from it form a ring, for example, round, oval or square. On it with a needle make an imprint. You can also create three-dimensional patterns or shapes: a skull, a pistol, or something else.
  3. Attach the ring to the ring. Next, the product must be burned in the oven at 105-110 degrees for the time indicated on the clay packaging.
  4. Now you can optionally paint the signet with acrylic paints.

Try making a sign with your own hands: it will be an interesting gift for a man.

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