Original lampshades that you can make yourself

An ideal and stylish interior is not only painted walls, ceilings, furniture chosen to match, lighting design also plays a very important role, because it is a pretty chandelier or an unusual night lamp that can play a decisive role in the overall design of a room.

Little masterpiece with his own hands

Sometimes, in the design of the interior of any, even the smallest room, it is very important to correctly place accents; a cute and creative lampshade can easily play such an important role.

The options that are offered to us in stores often have a number of disadvantages - the color is not the same, the size, the overall design, and, in the end, the price is too high. And what to do if there is already a good and regularly working lamp at home, which is morally obsolete, but you do not want to part with it at all?

The answer is simple - transform it with your own hands! You, for sure, will say that making a beautiful lampshade with your own hands is a difficult task, only by professionals and designers.Let's destroy stereotypes, especially since there are a lot of ways and examples that prove that everything is real, but a home-made lampshade is a simple exercise, and even very exciting!

But for starters, a little cognitive material: it turns out that the name "abat-jour" is of French origin and is literally translated as a muffler of light, which it, in fact, is.

The first lampshades were fabric, they were widely used for decoration of rooms, verandas, vestibules and other premises. Thanks to the talented American designer Louis Tiffany, the first design of a lampshade from pieces of colored glass appeared, it was he who first noticed how beautifully and unusually the light shines after refraction.

Original solution

Most of the modern lamps and lampshades are presented to us in the form of glass and crystal solutions, than we owe to the Frenchman Antonina Doma, who first ventured to present the world with a lampshade made of crystal. If you go back to the modern world, today the lampshades make almost all of the improvised materials, most importantly, it's a sense of proportion and style, otherwise you can overdo it.

Of course, it is much easier to rework the original one than to do everything from scratch, but the last option is quite possible, the main thing is, as you know, this desire. Another important point - you need to take care of the raw materials for the manufacture of the lamp, it is important that the colors and texture they are combined with your interior, otherwise you risk ruining the entire home design!

Ideas for your inspiration.

Fabric and flower shades

The simplest thing you can think of is to wrap the old frame of the lampshade with a new pretty cloth, you can choose absolutely anything for it - from tulle and organza, ending with jeans and wool.

As an option - just drag the frame, you can go further and create an unusual collage of pieces and scraps of fabric, come up with pockets or, for example, decorate the fabric with artificial flowers and buds. By the way, flowers can also be made by hand from fabric or corrugated paper, there are many master classes by various designers, which explain in detail how this process is carried out.

From ordinary thread

Do not cease to dream: the old monochromatic lampshade can be glued in with contrastlace or, for example, to dream with frills and denim styles: fringe, scuffs, pockets and buttons.

Wool and fantasy

You can make an interesting lampshade for the floor lamp using ordinary wool and glue. Surely, such a simple technique was taught to you at school, but we will improve it somewhat. To do this, you will need a regular balloon, needle, a skein of thick thread, PVA glue, scissors and a varnish spray.

As a result, we should have a very unusual and, best of all, suitable for almost any decor, a lamp shade in the form of a ball wrapped with threads. By the way, they can be painted in any color, add a few details and a very unusual floor lamp is ready! Inflate the balloon to the size of the desired lamp tightly tied.

Cute butterflies in the interior

In the needle with a wide eyelet we insert the thread, pierce the jar with the glue and draw the thread through it: thus, it will absorb just as much glue as necessary to create our lampshade, remove the needle.

Now we tightly wind our balloon over its entire surface, the thread should be well wrapped around it, slightly squeezing the ball (the thread is constantly soaked with glue, passing through the jar).We are waiting for the threads to dry completely, after which we gently untie the ball, release air from it and take it out of the thread frame.

We spray the frame with varnish, insert the lamp with the cartridge into it, fix it. You can leave the lampshade in this form, and you can still further decorate, for example, add to the surface a few butterflies made of fabric that will keep their shape.

Knitting or other needlework

If you have been fond of knitting for a long time, then your skills can come in handy here: you can re-tie the frame of the old lamp again or simply sew a cute and colorful “cover” out of unnecessary patches of an old sweater.

Be sure to pay attention to the "leg" of your lamp - it can also be ennobled with the help of threads, how you can decide: simply wrap with colored stripes or, again, tie a kind of "cover".

If you own a decoupage technique, then in decorating your favorite lamp shade, it will come in handy more than ever! Especially well, if your lampshade is devoid of any design, and only covered with a plain light fabric, because such a surface is a real expanse for your ideas - flowers, fruits, cities or abstractions, what to paint, it's up to you.

The well-known technique of macrame, which involves knot weaving, is also very successfully used in the creation of the most unusual and fancy lamps.

Knitting option

Fans of modernity can turn their attention to simple, but very interesting options for updating the old lampshade with the help of old photos, clippings from magazines and, even, unnecessary X-rays!

The most unusual and unusual ideas

Have you ever met a shade, which is completely made of plastic spoons? Imagine how surprised your friends are when they see such a creation in your home? A version of the lid of cans? It turns out that one can weave the most real chainmail for your lamp!

Very interesting and delicate are lampshades made of lace knitted napkins. The technique of execution completely intersects with the version of their dense threads, which with the help of glue "sow" on the inflated ball.

And the beads? How not to mention these colorful positive beads, which can decorate and fill with joy even the darkest day! Even if you have never engaged in weaving of beads, it does not matter, for the manufacture of such a lamp shade you need only a skeleton and many, many, strung on a fishing line, beads!

Whatever one may say, but the hand-made technique has recently been very popular and widespread, therefore, it’s not difficult to find the necessary materials and handy tools. Work, patience and inexhaustible fantasy, a part of which we have shared with you, will become the best assistants in this not always easy, but very interesting work!

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