Origami for beginners


How to make a cobra in origami technique

How to make a cobra in origami technique

One of the big venomous snakes is the royal cobra. If there is a danger, then it raises part of the body and you can see a swelling hood in the neck. In this case, the snake hisses and makes terrible attacks towards the enemy. But a cobra made from
How to make an elephant in origami technique

How to make an elephant using origami technique

Elephant is considered the largest land animal. There are 2 types - Indian and African. A distinctive feature of elephants is the trunk, which many consider to be a nose. But in fact, the trunk is the upper lip, fused with the nose. Using
Paper Dolphin

Paper Dolphin

Dolphins are aquatic mammals that live in almost every ocean. It is believed that this is quite reasonable beings, seeking to communicate with a person. This master class offers step-by-step creation of a dolphin from paper, which
Pokemon Pikachu using origami technique

Pokémon Origami Pikachu

For the first time Pokemon appeared 20 years ago, and now they are experiencing their new popularity. Of these, the most famous can be called Pikachu. In our master class it is proposed to make it from paper in origami technique. For work, you need a square
How to make a mouse out of paper

How to make a mouse out of paper

Not every child saw a real mouse. But thanks to fairy tales and illustrations for them, he will unmistakably find this animal in the pictures among other characters.In order to familiarize yourself with this rodent, invite your child to make a mouse out of paper.
How to make a bird of paper

How to make a paper bird

The first figures of paper children are able to fold in the preschool years. They can easily make a boat or a plane. Adults should familiarize them with the schemes of other handicrafts, starting with famous characters or objects. This paper bird with
Kitty of paper

Paper Kiten

Telling a child about animals, you should definitely stay on whales. This is the largest mammal, especially if we talk about blue whales. Acquaintance of the baby with this animal can be continued and at the creation of a crafts - making blue
Envelope with a Heart

Envelope with a Heart

Such an envelope can be an independent valentine. But more interesting, if you put a note in it,intended for a loved one. To make such a craft is easy, if you follow the step-by-step recommendations proposed
Puppy from paper

Paper Puppy

Paper makes wonderful children's crafts. This material is able to implement any creative imagination. Colored or white sheets turn into beautiful flowers, interesting animals or birds. The main thing is to always have at hand
Cockerel in origami-mosaic technique

Origami Mosaic Cockerel

I decided to master a new technique called origami mosaic. It is based on the compilation of paintings from colored squares, folded according to the principle of origami modules. Since this is my first job, I had to start with the simplest squares.
Blue Christmas tree from paper

Blue paper Christmas tree

By the New Year, most put the Christmas tree, dressing it with toys. At the same time, one can not do without a forest beauty, and decorate your home with small Christmas trees.It is this Christmas tree made of paper and it is proposed to make it according to our master class. For
Office paper Christmas tree

Office Paper Christmas Tree

  From simple white paper you can make a lot of handicrafts, including Christmas ones. The most common can be called a snowflake, which is cut out of different shapes. But office paper is also suitable for creating a simple Christmas tree, a process
Squid from paper

Paper Squid

It is possible to acquaint a child with marine life in various ways, including through the use of handicrafts. In our master class it is proposed to make squid from paper using origami technique. For work you need to take: - A square sheet of paper; - black

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