Orange Happiness dressing

Not all small women of fashion like to wear hats or caps, so mothers wear knit dressings that cover the ears and tightly hold on the head. But even such an ordinary dressing can be made original and beautiful.
 dressing Orange Happiness
To create such a dressing you will need: - beige ribbon in satin 50 mm wide.
- tweezers with inclined edges. - scissors. - beads with a diameter of 7 mm, silver. - lighter. - narrow band of satin with a width of 12 mm. - decorative ornaments in the form of flowers with a diameter of 20 mm. - glue gun. Decorating. Narrow op The angeal tape should be turned on the wrong side to itself. The edge must be leveled with scissors and singed with fire. The finished edge should be bent at an angle, pointing downwards so that a fold line is formed on the upper side of the edge.
 bandage Orange happiness
In this position, it is better to fix the corner with glue,so that it does not interfere with the further creation of the flower. The resulting edge needs to be bent one more time, but now pointing along the length of the ribbon.  dressing Orange happiness
It turned out to be a small triangle that should be wrapped tape, not reaching 1 cm to the edge of the fold band.
 dressing Orange happiness
At this point you need a twisted work fix the barrel, fixing a drop of glue. Then the edge of the tape should be directed downward, relative to the tube, creating a twisting of the fabric.  dressing Orange happiness The resulting fold also needs to be wrapped around the tube, but make sure that the fabric is not tightened and not strongly pressed to the center.
dressing Orange happiness
Next you need to evenly twist the tape and turn around wring it around the central tube, regularly fixing the action with glue. With each turn, the rose is larger and more beautiful. When the circumference of the flower reaches 4.5 cm, you should stop and cut the ribbon,secure it from the wrong side of the product.
 dressing Orange happiness
This size will require one flower, and a smaller diameter, you should prepare two roses. Flowers should reach 3.5 cm in diameter.
 dressing Orange happiness
Now you need to make the leaves. To do this, you need a wide beige tape. With a width of 5 cm, the tape should be cut into 4 cm segments.
 dressing Orange happiness
In total, these pieces need to be made 10 pieces. All the leaves are created separately, therefore taking you need one segment in your hands, you need to fold it in half, combining two edge lines on the tape.
 dressing Orange happiness
2 cm back from the upper cut, edges should be cut, removing the angle to the beginning of the bend strip.
 dressing Orange Happiness
Clamping an inclined slice with tweezers, it should be carefully treated with fire,to solder both tape layers.
 bandage Orange happiness
The resulting sheet must be straightened, directing the line of spikes back.
>img src="" alt="dressing Orange happiness" title="dressing Orange happiness">
The slice remaining at the bottom must be trimmed with scissors, cutting off irregularities and treated with a lighter.
 bandage About early happiness
From the remaining segments you need to prepare the same pointed leaves. After creating the leaves, you need to add them all three flowers. To small roses, you need to attach three sheets.  dressing Orange happiness For the big rose you need to glue the remaining 4 leaves, but with the picture as it is.
 dressing Orange happiness
Now you can decorate a bandage with flowers. First, you should fix a small flower, directing its leaves to the left side.
 dressing Orange happiness
Having left 4 cm from it, you need to attach a second small rose,turning the leaves to the right side.
 bandage Orange happiness
The remaining emptiness needs to be closed with a big rose, guiding its leaves up and down with respect to the bandage.
 bandage Orange Happiness Next, the bandage should be decorated with large beads, attaching them to the base of the leaves and in the middle of roses. Decorative small flowers should be spread over the loose cloth of the bandage, supplemented with beads.  bandage Orange happiness
The bandage is ready!

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