Nikofrost - drops from smoking


Nicotine addiction is recognized as one of the strongest. Virtually no one can independently get rid of this addiction. Especially hard for those people whose experience of smoking is several decades. Nikofrost drops will help you quickly, painlessly and effectively get rid of craving for cigarettes once and for all.

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What is Nikofrost from smoking?

Drops Nikofrost - a biologically active additive to food. The main difference between this drug and other similar products is that NicoFrost contains only natural ingredients. They lack flavors, dyes, GMOs, hormones and preservatives.


The drug quickly and effectively helps to get rid of cravings for smoking and eliminates all the symptoms that are constant companions of smokers: nicotine breaking, shortness of breath, cough and others. Nikofrost drops have all the necessary quality certificates and are recommended for use by many narcologists.

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The composition of the drops NicoFrost

The composition of the drug contains three main components, which together effectively eliminate nicotine addiction:

  1. Chitin.
  2. Lebanese mint extract.
  3. White mistletoe extract

Chitin is the main component of the drug Nikofrost. It is extracted from the shells of crabs. As part of chitin contains an amino acid that affects the body as well as nicotine, that is, stimulates the release of the pleasure hormone. Due to this, the smoker does not have a desire to smoke and does not manifest nicotine breaking.

In addition, chitin helps clean the lungs of tar and restore the body after the negative effects of tobacco smoke. This component has a positive effect on the vessels and the liver. Chitin is a popular natural food additive, which is even included in baby food.

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The composition of Nikofrost also includes Lebanese mint and white mistletoe. The first component helps reduce appetite, cleanse the body of toxins and calm the nervous system. Mistletoe increases stress resistance, strengthens the immune system and helps a person survive the withdrawal syndrome. Thus, the patient painlessly tolerates nicotine rejection.

Advantages of drops from smoking Nikofrost

Drops Nikofrost have an undeniable advantage over other antinicotin drugs due to the liquid form of release. So the tool quickly enters the bloodstream and begins to act. In addition, the drug contains only natural ingredients that do not harm the body.


NicoFrost is popular because of its quick effect. The full course of treatment is 4 weeks, the symptoms of the smoker disappear after the first intake, and the desire to smoke disappears after several days of admission.

Nikofrost drops from smoking also have the following positive qualities:

  1. A positive effect on the work of the digestive tract.
  2. Reduces cholesterol.
  3. Improves metabolism and increases immunity.

Drops have a positive effect on the whole body, improve blood circulation, raise the mood and increase immunity.

How to apply drops

Full course of drug treatment is 28 days. It must be taken three times a day, 10-15 drops before or after meals.

Before taking a drop of pre-diluted in 100 ml of water. To preserve the medicinal properties of the drug,It must be stored away from sunlight at room temperature.

Where to buy Nikofrost drops from smoking?

Recently, the cases of selling fakes. To avoid this, buy the tool on the official website of the supplier. After you leave a request on the site, a company representative will contact you. With him, you agree on the delivery. Payment of goods is made after its receipt by mail.

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