NeuroDoz: instructions for use, indications, price


Release form

"NeuroDoz" is presented as capsules for oral administration. One pack contains 60 capsules divided into two blisters.

Description and composition

"NeuroDoz" refers to a multi-component means to improve the functioning of reproductive and sexual function in men. The drug allows you to get rid of problems with an active sex life and return the male force. Reception means allows to increase an erection and to relieve a man from premature ejaculation.

The composition of one capsule includes:

  1. tryptophan (100 milligrams);
  2. tyrosine (400 milligrams);
  3. magnesium (4 milligrams);
  4. Phenylalanine (500 milligrams);
  5. L-glutamine (52 milligrams);
  6. Vitamin B6 (0.4 milligram).

Also in the composition there are auxiliary components that allow the body to more easily transfer the action of dietary supplements.

In what cases is used

NeuroDoz should be used as an additive to your diet, as well as a means of prevention or as a source of minerals and vitamins.

The medicine is applied in the following cases:

  1. Premature ejaculation.
  2. Constant and prolonged stress.
  3. Violations of nature and emotions.
  4. Nerves.
  5. Depression.
  6. Low hormone levels.

Also, the drug can be used in case of reduced hormone production and as a means of increasing the feeling of orgasm.

special instructions

In order for the effect of the reception to be achieved, you need to remember some instructions:

  1. Observe the required dose.
  2. Take medication only if indicated and after consultation.
  3. Do not interrupt the reception even in case of improved well-being.
  4. Go to the advice of a doctor.

Only if these simple rules are followed can the effect of taking the drug be significantly improved, and the risk of possible side effects can be reduced or eliminated.


If you need to replace the drug, you can turn to the help of similar medicines with identical active ingredients or effects on the body. Doctors include the following medicines as analogues of "NeuroDose":

  1. Dapoxetine. The drug is synthetic and is aimed at increasing potency.
  2. "Verona". Combined medication to cure impaired spermatogenesis.
  3. "Priligi". The drug on the basis of danoxetine.It is used for any violation of the quality of an active sex life of a man.

As in the case of the drug "NeuroDoz", when taking any of these tools you need to contact your doctor for advice.

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