Negative Rh blood is not a hindrance for the birth of a healthy baby


Advance visit to the gynecologist

Women with the likelihood of Rh conflict need to take a responsible approach to the issue of pregnancy planning. Well, when a woman is observed at the same specialist. In addition to the routine examination, the doctor must be warned about his Rhesus accessories and pregnancy planning. It is possible that you will be prescribed to undergo any treatment, as well as drink a course of vitamins and immunostimulants.

Registration in early pregnancy

When the long-awaited miracle happens and the pregnancy test will show two strips, you should not delay visiting the doctor. The sooner you get registered for pregnancy, the better. Rh-negative women are given a little more attention than others.They also give more analysis.

Delivery of additional analyzes

An obligatory antibody test is added to the required tests. This analysis is first carried out once a month (up to 32 weeks of gestation), then twice a month (up to 35 weeks) and then every week until delivery. You may be asked to pass the analysis along with your husband to accurately determine the presence of Rh conflict and its titer.

Possible administration of antirhesus immunoglobulin

If you haven’t found antibodies before 30 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to administer the antiresus immunoglobulin vaccine to rule out the possibility of a Rh-conflict in the later stages. This is a fairly expensive drug.

After vaccination, you can not pass the test for antibodies, since a false positive result is possible. That is, the analysis will show artificially introduced antibodies, with a maximum titer of up to 1:32. It is worth noting that the introduction of immunoglobulin does not harm the child, even if he has a negative Rh.

Fast establishment of Rh baby accessories

And then came the long-awaited time when you hold your baby in your arms. It is very important that mummy be told during the day after birth what the baby has a Rh factor.If the Rh factor is positive, then you need to re-introduction of anti-Rh immunoglobulin. Thus, you can reduce the risk of Rhesus conflict during the next pregnancy.

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