Nail extensions: effects and recovery

Consequences of nail

Regardless of whether the building is carried out with acrylics or other materials are used for this, the supply of oxygen to the nail plate is blocked, which leads to metabolic disorders. The consequences of this are quite predictable: fragility, thinning, the appearance of cracks and even mounds over the entire surface. The last defect is caused by the lack of oxygen.These negative consequences are not obligatory, since in many respects the condition of the nails depends on the individual tolerance of the material for building up and on its own state of health.

How to restore nails after building

Ways to return nails to life are similar for any problems arising from them. These are baths and masks, which should be done regularly and then the effect will be noticeable after two weeks.
The most famous recipe is a firming bath with sea salt and iodine. For them, it is necessary to warm up 200 g of water, dilute a tablespoon of sea salt in it, on which 3 drops of iodine are added. Nails in the water should be kept until it cools down and make such baths every other day.
Another bath recipe includes lemon juice, to which a teaspoon of aloe juice is added. But since squeezing lemons is not always convenient, you can go more economical and simple way, namely, cut the lemon into two halves, immerse the nails of both hands in each of them, and 10 minutes after this procedure, rub aloe juice into each plate.
By a similar principle, nails are massaged with vegetable oil, as well as with juices of berries rich in vitamin C. These include cranberries and currants.
If you do not grow your own after removing the false nails, you can try a mask of red pepper powder, which is diluted with a small amount of any cream and applied to the nails for a quarter of an hour.For the period of the restoration procedures, the use of nail polish should be abandoned, allowing the plates to rest and gain strength.

What else should you know

In order for the nails to be damaged after the buildup, it is necessary to properly care for them even at that time, while the manicure is preserved in all its glory. To do this, it is necessary to do household work related to the use of household chemicals, only with gloves. This, along with a nutritious diet rich in vitamins, will help to preserve the healthy appearance of the nails.

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