Green rice

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
400 gramsPork (cheek)100 gramsGreen peas100 gramschicken broth1.5 literGreen onions (feather)20 gramsLeek1 stalkCilantro100 gramsfresh mint4-5 branchesLime juice2 tbsp.Garlic2 teethPepper (jalapeno, on the tip of a knife)Ground black pepper1 pinchOlive oil (for frying)

Hit Mexican food for Woman's Day. It is not a side dish, but an independent dish of a big holiday. It is said that the Spanish conquistadors brought this rice to the homeland of Maya, cacti and chocolate. Those, in turn, peeped the recipe from the Sephardic Jews. This rice is prepared simply and quickly, and the power of the gastronomic impression is always consistently bright and appetizing.


Ready chicken broth to season with green onions.

Young green peas to choose from pods.

Leek finely chop, simmer in olive oil until soft.

To leek, without washing, add rice and oil it. Pour into the skillet a ladle of chicken broth - the rice surface should be covered with liquid. As you evaporate, add the broth until the rice is cooked to the state of al dente.

Wash cilantro and mint, dry them, pick leaves and put them in a blender bowl, add garlic and pour lime juice - whisk in puree, add spicy greens to rice, salt, cover and remove from the stove.

Randomly chop the cheek, heat in a dry frying pan until fat appears, add green peas, season with black pepper and jalapeno - quickly mix and remove from the stove.

Garnish green rice with green peas with cheek, spread out in portions, garnish with fresh mint - serve hot.

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