Mercury Retrograde - what it is and whether it is necessary to be afraid of it

Mercury is one of those “fast” planets whose motion affects us to the full. His position at the time of birth of a person reflects on the speed and sharpness of the individual’s thinking, and in everyday life it affects our perception of information, trade and diplomatic processes, readiness for constructive dialogue.

Retrograde (back) Mercury is a separate topic. He is afraid and attributed to him various terrible events. However, in fact, everything is not so scary. The periods of retrogradeness of this planet is a peculiar benefit. And what is expressed and what not to do while Mercury "backs off" back, now tell.

Pluses of Mercury Retrograde

At a time when Mercury is going back:

  • We clearly see all our previous mistakes, and most importantly, we have the opportunity to correct them, or at least make their effects the least noticeable.
  • There is a chance to restore relations that we have stupidly “merged”, and successfully complete the negotiations that have reached an impasse.
  • Completion of projects started earlier becomes quick and enjoyable.
  • What requires adjustment, manifests itself, you do not need to look for flaws, they "swim out" on their own.
  • Next to us appear those of our acquaintances, with whom we are really closely connected - with deeds (past and future), interests, hearts and souls.
  • We begin to understand what was previously unavailable to us. There is another stage in the formation of personality and growing up.
  • There is a desire (and, most importantly, the opportunity) to return to the deferred cases and “frozen” projects and bring them to a productive final.
  • Our past achievements begin to work for us with a tripled force; Many years of professional (business) reputation attract new profitable offers to us.

What to do while Mercury "retreats"

Mercury Retrograde - what it is and whether it is necessary to be afraid of it
The period of retrograde Mercury is the time for special tasks that are exactly at this moment necessary and give the best result. So, what should be included in the action plan:

  • A visit to a psychotherapist - all phobias and manias are treated quickly and successfully.
  • Proofreading manuscripts, checking and analyzing information, working with archives - texts and information are perceived completely differently, which allows you to grasp the essence.
  • Scheduled meetings with people who you often encounter by chance or who intentionally remind you of yourself by sudden appearances - there is a chance to figure out what they need from you, and most importantly - to understand whether you need it.
  • Analysis of old things, photographs, letters, documents and bills - mercilessly discarding all that has become obsolete, you open the way to the new and beautiful.
  • Sessions of “self-digging” and reflections - when Mercury is backfired, you can afford all this, as there is a chance not only to learn a lot about yourself, but also to get rid of what is eating.
  • Meditation, passive rest, reading books, giving food for the mind.
  • Cleaning the computer, software updates, maintenance work, saving all important files to additional alternative media.
  • Fulfillment of promises, which had never been reached before, the return of material and moral debts.

Cons of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde - what it is and whether it is necessary to be afraid of it
The influence of retrograde Mercury on our existence is quite extensive. The following not very pleasant events take place with enviable regularity during periods of backwardness:

  • The equipment fails and even breaks down: telephones, computers, televisions, radios and players, in general, everything that has anything to do with receiving and transmitting information.
  • We stupidly initiate changes for which we are not ready either physically, morally or financially, and then we pay for our impulsiveness.
  • Ludicrous transactions are often committed and unviable alliances are concluded.
  • People with unsettled fate unite in antisocial communities and try to destroy the world of those who are more successful and successful.
  • Old grievances “float”, and conflicts that were considered to be resolved, flare up with a new force.
  • Chronic illnesses, especially of a mental nature, are becoming more acute; people acquire new phobias.
  • Out of the secret come out, not only those that we deliberately keep carefully, but also those that we have safely forgotten.
  • The necessary documents disappear somewhere, things are lost, letters (ordinary and electronic) often do not reach the addressees.
  • In official documents, copyright texts, monologues, ridiculous numerical and semantic errors creep in.
  • There is a mass of inaccurate information, and most often frightening and sad content.
  • There is a "rewriting" of history, allegedly just found facts emerge, miracles begin to happen with a long time verified information - they are challenged and declared fiction.

Naturally, we are not in a position to influence all of the above, and not everything can be avoided, however, with proper behavior and some adjustment of actions, it is quite possible to reduce the negative impact of the retrograde Mercury to a minimum.

What you shouldn’t do while Mercury goes backwards


So, in order that the backsliding of Mercury does not cause much damage, it is not necessary during these periods:

  • Use unverified information.
  • Start new long-term projects and your business, engage in investing.
  • To give promises, hope, will of emotions, money in debt, a reason for quarrels and jealousy.
  • Plan for the distant future and drastically change the established life.
  • Buy equipment, including the car.
  • Take on new obligations, mortgages and consumer loans.
  • Go on long trips to unfamiliar places.
  • Start building a house, purchase real estate.
  • Be frank, even with those whom you think you can completely trust.

In conclusion, we will designate the periods of Mercury retrograde in 2016–2017, and also note the complete cycles of the backward and direct movement of the planet, when it leaves the same zodiac sign, “travels” through the previous one and returns.


  • From July 26 to August 19,
  • From November 17 to December 7.

And recall: Mercury is a “fast” planet, but wise, so instead of being intimidated, take advantage of its retrograde moment and correct what you think is wrong, dive into memories and sift, and then remove those that cause pain. And most importantly - be loyal to those without whom you can not imagine your existence. In general, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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