Master class of the safest and original herringbone

When a small child appears in the family, adults are forced to remake the entire apartment so that it becomes safe for the baby. And the New Year's holidays are a beautiful dressed Christmas tree, with a bunch of glass balls, rustling tinsel and electric garlands. And this is not speaking about the feline itself, which a child can gnaw or swallow needles ... And it does not even matter whether to choose a natural or artificial one - both are not an ideal option! But you want to decorate the house and leave the best impressions of Christmas and New Year from the first years of your life! There is an exit. Make a New Year tree on your own, and the baby can even dress him up.

Before the New Year, it is common to do spring cleaning. Fulfill the tradition of the full, freeing the wardrobe from the old annoying things. But do not rush to throw things away - they can be used to carve toys for our tree. If there is nothing unnecessary, you will have to buy cloth in the store.Best suited for the project dense felt or felt. But you can sew toys from any thick fabric. You can make characters of classic Christmas and New Year fairy tales, or choose your own theme. When the baby is a little older, he will be able to help himself make new toys.

For work you will need:

  • Sewing machine (if you plan to work with knitwear, buy special needles);
  • Sharp scissors;
  • Hot glue;
  • Pencil;
  • Threads;
  • Elastic;
  • Cardboard (if you work with a soft cloth).

If you want to sew such toys, you must have strings of red, white, green, brown, blue and beige.

The author used felt for crafts for sewing toys, and he needed patches of black, white, red, brown, beige, blue and yellow colors. In addition, for the decoration needed small buttons for the peepholes, white and red ribbons for decoration.

Here are the patterns of toys. They need to be cut out of paid paper, and then transferred to fabric.

Christmas tree making:

1. Pick a fabric for the base of the tree. If you work with felt, it will keep its shape by itself. If you just have a thick fabric, duplicate a thick cardboard base.Now take a thick thread or cord, fasten it in the center of a piece of fabric and, tied to the end of the thread with a pencil, build a semicircle.

2. Exactly the same detail cut out their felt or dense fabric of green color.

3. Now we need to sew the two parts together. In the case of felt, the seams can be left open, and the fabric Christmas tree is first sewn face down and then turned out. Sew two parts in zigzag stitches to glue them across the entire canvas. If you have felt, sew it later.

4. Now you need to sew on the Christmas tree red buttons. Our toys will be mounted on them.

5. On the edge of the Christmas tree need to sew loops of gum. Ideally, if you can pick it up in the color of green fabric.

6. If you work with a soft cloth, attach a cardboard base or felt piece from the inside out.

7. Sew along the edge of the same red buttons as loops of rubber bands on the other side. Buttoned, the Christmas tree will roll into a cone.

The base is ready. You can start making jewelry.

1. Make paper patterns for every detail.

2. Now with the help of the fabricated patterns, cut 2 pieces of each kind from the fabric.If you make your toys out of felt, cut along the contour. For fabric parts need to make seam allowances.

3. Now cut out the smallest details of jewelry, such as eyes, noses, stripes of scarf and so on. Try to choose for these parts those fabrics, the edge of which will not crumble.

4. Next, assemble each toy by holding individual parts with hot glue.

5. Take a ribbon or ribbon and place between two parts of the toy. Need to form a loop for mounting on the Christmas tree. The more your buttons, the more you need to make loops.

6. Forming a loop, just glue it to the inside of the front of the toy. When you sew the two pieces together, the loop will be stitched between them. Sew fabric parts face down and twist them. A felt can be stitched without processing edges.

7. The finishing touch will be a felt star, which must be sewn to a tight cone.

Your Christmas tree is ready. She is not afraid of falling from a height or the curiosity of the youngest family members.

From the very first years of life, the child will participate in decorating the house for the holidays. Add toys and even new cones, if desired.

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