Lose your husband and become a witch: the stars whose predictions came true

Artists who believe in magic.

One may be skeptical of magic and fortune telling, but it’s impossible not to admit that the already forgotten words of fortune-tellers said two years ago have come true. Wday.ru has gathered stars who cannot but believe in magic, because the predictions they came true, no matter how incredible they may seem at first.

Brad Pitt

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The main handsome Hollywood is definitely not among the skeptics. Pitt has long had a personal psychic, Ron Bard, who died last year. The man was not a timid, and that Brad was waiting for a divorce from his beautiful wife, Jolie, told the actor back in 2014, when peace and love reigned in a couple. Brad Pitt believed in the prediction, but, according to the entourage of Bard, he asked for help with advice in order to avoid divorce.

By the way, the actor began to turn to a psychic after 2002.Then Ron, having only met Pitt, predicted that he would leave the family for the sake of the girl he would meet on the set. And indeed it happened - the actor threw his wife Jennifer Aniston for the sake of Angelina Jolie, with whom he had just met on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Philip Kirkorov

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The King of the Russian stage was predicted by Wang herself. And Kirkorov has repeatedly admitted that everything came true. Ever since childhood, Philip was doomed to become famous - the psychic saw him in a brilliant costume on a mountain and told his parents that fame could not be avoided.

Jennifer Aniston

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Jolie also loomed in the predictions given by fortune tellers Jennifer Aniston. According to rumors, the actress more than once listened to the fact that another girl would be led away by her handsome husband. But the relationship seemed strong, and nothing foreshadowed troubles.

Natalie Portman

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Beauty actress predicted the Oscar. But not a fortune teller, but ... an opossum named Heidi! An animal from the Leipzig Zoo replaced the deceased octopus Paul, who deftly predicted the outcome of football matches. Of the three nominees for Actress of the Year, Heidi chose Portman.And so it happened - in a couple of days the artist received a cherished statuette.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: Anatoly Lomohov / Legion-Media

The girl is not a frequent guest of fortune tellers, but at Christmas she can entertain herself with rituals. Guessing singer taught her grandmother, and because everything comes true! Once a star told that she had received only two letters from two fortune telling. The result was incomprehensible exactly until a couple of months later the girl met Stephen Seagal. By the way, he was fascinated and invited Anna to play in his new film.

Jennifer Lopez

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The star also has its own personal psychic Merle Gonzalez. And it is thanks to her that the singer never married Ben Affleck. Gonzalez constantly insisted that J.Lo postpone the wedding. In the end, the couple broke up. But it is not known whether this divine foresight or Afflek was just tired of watching the wedding be postponed due to the fortune-teller's whim.

Zhanna Friske

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The fact that the beauty will be a witch, she nagadali still in his youth. The street fortune teller told Jeanne that there would be a lot of fans around her, a successful career, and the lady of the spades fell, which the woman interpreted as a great witch force.A few years later, Friske really became a witch, but in a movie she played in Night Watch. With the fact that the star stood on the "dark side", albeit simply in the film, and its terrible disease is linked.

Tom Cruise

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One of the most stellar Hollywood psychics Anthony Carr divined Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The man said that Tom would love another girl with a name like his. The answer to the difficult prediction did not keep me waiting long; literally in a year Tom Cruise fell in love with Penelope Cruz.

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