Life hacking: how to become popular in 1 second and make people listen to you

Lack of speech skills and lack of self-confidence are among the most common problems even among ambitious people. It is for this simple reason that crowds of publicists continue to write motivational books about "how to win friends and influence people."


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Many probably learned by name one of the most famous treatises of Dale Carnegie. Often the rules, retold to them, boil down to the fact that it is necessary to be attentive, to be able to listen and to win over the interlocutor. But the most important thing is not to pass for an obsessive flatterer.

The writer Jeffrey James also suggested one simple trick, the effect of which would be diametrically opposite. It is not you who will be attentive, but those around you will begin to listen to your opinion. In just 1 second. How it works?

In a conversation with a person or a group of people, before you answer, wait literally 1 second. This may seem surprising, but the method does work (it is checked on personal experience) and gives several positive results at once.

• Firstly, you are deprived of the opportunity to speak rashly. A whole second of meditation is not very much, but it is enough to concentrate.

• Secondly, you make the impression of a judicious and reliable person who weighs every word of his.

• Thirdly, even if you do not plan to say anything significant, the surrounding people will still internally prepare to listen to your words.

• Fourthly, you also exclude the possibility of hacking your interlocutor by haste. It is very important not only to be a respected person, but also to respect the opinion of another.

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