Laughter is not a sin, but pure joy! 8 jokes from which it is impossible to restrain laughter!


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Everyone loved to laugh at all times. No wonder even some couple of hundred years ago, the arrival of a comedy theater or buffoon gathered almost the entire city on the main square. Moreover, in those days it was not always rosy with bread, so the shows were appreciated with special warmth. Needless to say, the church, trying to control everything and everybody, did not like jokers, and it came to the point that laughter was almost outlawed! The Catholics persisted especially in this, but our lands did not escape a similar fate. Only Russian proverbs about the relationship of laughter and sin are worth something! And there are more of them than the philistine knows.

What happiness, that the dark times have sunk into oblivion long time ago, and we have not only loved, but also have a good laugh.

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