Ladies Notebook Card Holder

Each lady probably has a notebook in which she puts her plans for the day, various notes, reminders, invests business cards and discount cards, past memorable theater tickets, which only remind her of many things, and whether there is not enough of what else is contained in this booklet. You can probably buy such a little card holder in the store, or you can do it yourself. In this case, it will be more functional, nicer, more interesting. And how the girlfriends will be envious! The following materials will be needed to make such a book: 1. A self-healing mat on the table. 2. A knife or scissors.
3. Metal ruler and pencil. 4. Pencil or double-sided adhesive tape. 5. Thin cardboard with size 9 * 13 - 2pcs., And 3 * 13cm - 1pc. 6. Cloth (cotton ) size 18 * 27cm 7. Thin foam rubber size 9 * 13 - 2pcs, and 3 * 13 - 1pc. 8. A sheet of colored double-sided paper for scrapbooking. 9. Two pieces of a satin ribbon about 18 inches long -20cm 10.Pugotchka,a paper flower or other decorations.
 Ladies notebook card holder
We glue the cardboard with foam with glue-pencil. This will be the workpiece for the book's crusts.
 Ladies Notebook-Visiting Card
We lay out these blanks down with foam rubber on the underside of the fabric in such a way as shown in the photo. Cut the fabric with a margin of 3cm from all sides.
 Lady's Notebook-Visiting Card
We glue the edges of the cardboard well with glue-pencil, bend the fabric and glue it.
Lady's Notebook-Business Card
 Ladies notebook card holder
Now we will sew the edges of the received soft textile cover on a sewing machine. Machine stitch should go around the perimeter of the cover, retreating from the edge by 3-5mm and in the middle to indicate the folds.Machine line underlines the softness of the cover.
Ladies notebook-card holder
 Ladies notebook-card holder
To hide a rough job, hide the edges fabric, machine stitch, paste on the wrong side of the cover colored paper for scrapbooking. Paper in size in the perimeter should be smaller than the cover by 2 mm, i.е. 12.8 * 20.8 cm.
 Ladies notebook card holder
 Ladies notebook-card holder
Now we will make the inside of the book - business card holders. To do this, take a sheet of paper for scrapbooking, cut it into two strips of 12.5 * 30 cm in size. Glue the two strips into one so that it is long. We add a long strip in the form of an accordion. Each section of the accordion should be 8.5 * 12.5. This will be the pages of the booklet. If desired, the accordion can be made shorter or longer, then the pages will be smaller or larger. On each page of the accordion, you can glue the pocket or envelope, in which you can put a calendar, business card or notes for writing.It already depends on your taste and desire.
 Ladies notebook-card holder
It remains to attach the strings and decorate the little card-card holder. To do this, take the ribbon, cut it in half, light a fire with the cigarette lighter so that it doesn’t bloom and stick the ribbons to the cover as shown in the photo.

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