Kombucha: grown from scratch

Nowadays, the fashion for Kombucha is back. But surprisingly: it is even sold in numerous forums for currency, sent across the ocean and are crushed if suddenly the mushroom dies. And do you know that it's easy to grow a tea mushroom - from nothing, from scratch? And to make it easy.

To become a lucky owner of a tea mushroom, you need to show miracles of unconsciousness in the matter of kitchen hygiene. More precisely - leave a strong brew in a warm place of the day for three. It is then that the surface will begin to tighten its oily film, nasty-slippery to the touch.

The first urge of a decent housewife is to pour IT immediately and to scrub the teapot. But our mission today is to grow Kombucha. There is no place for ceremonies. We give the embryo to get stronger, gain strength. If tea leaves will be a little more sweet, the process will go faster.

After a month and a half, the former mold (and that, too, the fungus) will acquire a shape familiar from former times and a dense consistency.Numerous recommendations make it necessary to dip it before transferring to a permanent residence in apple vinegar, because our mushroom is a symbiosis of structures. I think that in this case the sediment formed on the bottom of a bottle with apple or wine vinegar is easier to mix with the original tea immediately, so that the necessary medium is available.

My kombucha once appeared in an unusual way - on the juice. Normal apple, from tetrapack. Well, I forgot the glass with the unfinished on the table, and I went on a business trip. It happens. Returned, horrified, but curiosity prevailed. I neatly shifted it into clean water, then into sweet tea leaves. The can of gauze was covered in the old manner and waited.

I do not remember how much time had passed, but the mushroom began to increase in volumes, occupying the entire area of ​​the can. The tea solution became brighter over time - a clear sign of the oxidative process that characterizes the transfer of tea to mushroom kvass, as we used to call it in the family.

The mushroom has grown in width and poper in thickness to grow. We drank and drank his “pickle” until we got tired of fooling around with it, and gave a neighbor from the upper floor - after all, the mushroom is not a chair, it requires constant care and attention. But this is a completely different story.

There is another way :)

It is necessary: ​​thermos and rose hips (you can buy dried, sold in any pharmacy, it is inexpensive). Thermos - any, it is possible and without a glass flask, from food metal, modern. Thermos carefully wash and rinse with boiling water.

Rinse the hips with boiling water, put in a thermos, pour boiling water (fruits of pieces 20-30 per half liter of water). Hermetically close thermos with stopper and lid and do not open for 2 months.

After opening after 2 months we get a brand-new chic chubby mushroom in the diameter of a thermos in size. He is not yet ready to receive the drink. It is transparent and not very dense. We rinse it with cold boiled water, transfer it into a glass jar of the desired size for further use, pour it with a cool solution of tea leaves with sugar. Further, the fungus grows in breadth along the diameter of the can, with proper care.

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