The Scarlet Flower

Spring has almost come and, despite the dullness outside, I want to please myself with something bright. For example, a new scarlet lipstick.

Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Osbourne are a great example of the fact that you’re wearing scarlet lips, you don’t have to look gone. Scarlet supplemented her make-up with arrows and put on a touching pink blouse, so the result was an excellent retro look, thought out to the last detail. A plump face Kelly bright emphasis on the lips and original glasses gave freshness.

Brunette with red lipstick
Brunette with red lipstick

Contrary to the universal belief that the scarlet goes only to the owners of puffy lips, on a rather thin lips of Demi Moore, he looks great. The secret - the correct shade of scarlet and correctly placed accents - white softens the image, at the same time making it light and glamorous. Christina Applegate chose a safe shade of scarlet, complementing it with a silver eyeliner fashionable this season. The result was the style of Grace Kelly 1930s. Her makeup artists achieved this by using Chanel Lotus Rouge Creme Lipstick and Chanel Cardamone Precision Lipdefiner lip liner.

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