Kate Hudson jokingly pleads with Reese Witherspoon to help her give birth quickly

The long-awaited third pregnancy is given Kate Hudson is not easy, and meanwhile the baby is not in a hurry to be born. Kate already had time to go to the show to Ellen Degeneres (“I’m warning right away that I can get out of the water at any moment!”), And arrange baby shower with close friends, but the X-moment does not even think to come near. The other day, the 37-year-old actress shared a video with subscribers, in which she holds the brand new autobiography Reese Witherspoon "Whiskey in a cup of tea." “Eh, beloved neighbor,” Kate says sadly. “Please bring me one little shot!” Maybe this way you will help me to give birth quickly. ”

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Publication from Kate Hudson (@katehudson)30 Jun 2018 at 11:56 PDT

Well, then Hudson and her lover Danny Fujikawa still have time to think of a name for the girl. “We have a few ideas. But we decided that it would be right to decide when we see the baby, ”Kate told Ellen on the show, where she came with Goldie Hawn. Goldie's second granddaughter awaits with impatience, but her grandchildren already have as many as four.“When Kate was pregnant last time, I was sure that she was expecting a girl and knitted a pink-colored blanket,” Goldie laughed. - And then I saw his little “cause” and thought: “Oh God, what have I done”. ”

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