Jeans - flared back. With what to wear them?

Everything new is a well-forgotten old, and another proof of this is flared jeans, which are back in fashion and conquering the catwalks. But in order to look stylish in such a fashion, you need to know the basic rules of selection and use.

Are flared jeans suitable for everyone?

Who will wear jeans? Not everyone, as many believe. First of all, such a thing goes to slim and tall girls who acquire a special charm and femininity. But owners of medium or even low growth can afford flared jeans, if they pick up shoes with heels.

Another important requirement is beautiful thighs. Volumetric due to the tight fit can be strongly distinguished, and the narrow ones will seem even more boyish due to the expansion of the legs and an increase in the lower legs.

Particularly harmonious thing will look at the owners of the type of figures, an hourglass and an inverted triangle: in the first case, all the most feminine parts of the body will become even more expressive, and in the second, flared leg will allow to achieve a balance between legs and body.

What every girl should know: flared jeans are able to hide some flaws, for example, thin or not very smooth legs, full or pumped calves.

How to choose?

When choosing flared jeans should be guided by such criteria as:

  1. Landing. Low this season is a move and indicator of bad taste, but the average is just what you need. This option is universal and fits almost everyone. Only women with a pronounced waist and slim figure can afford a high landing.
  2. Length. Incorrectly chosen, it can disfigure the legs and spoil the overall impression. The following rule applies: the edges of the legs should be about 1-2 centimeters from the floor. And if you wear mainly shoes with heels, be sure to keep this in mind when buying.
  3. Style. The extension can begin from the knees or from the hip. The first option is considered a classic and is suitable for many girls. Flared jeans from the hips will come in handy if you have narrow hips or a slim build.
  4. When choosing a color, keep in mind that dark tones are slim, and light ones, as a rule, increase volume.

How to wear it correctly?

What is fashionable to wear jeans with? We list the most successful ideas:

  • All sorts of shirts: loose and sewn from light fabrics “razdetayki”, denim, plain, checkered, decorated with flowers or peas. Virtually any models are in harmony with flared jeans, and the choice of the top will depend on the directionality of the style, which can vary from cowboy or boho to grunge, casual or Provence.
  • To create an elegant and somewhat strict image, you can use a blouse, but it should be opaque and restrained, with no extra details in the form of flounces and ruffles. This thing is best to fill in jeans.
  • A sexy bodysuit combines perfectly with flared jeans, which will not constantly get out of the belt, and also allow you to model the silhouette.
  • In summer, you can wear all kinds of tops, and best of all not fitting and opening most of the body, and free, which look at ease and somewhat careless.
  • An alternative to the top can be a T-shirt or T-shirt.
  • Shortened jumpers or sweatshirts are ideally combined with models with inflated fit.
  • In the spring, the stylish blazer, which, by the way, fits perfectly in both strict office and casual looks, will be a great addition to the set.
  • Beautiful flared jeans can be combined with loose tunics that cover the buttocks, but partially open the hips.
  • On a cool summer or spring evening, slip on a loose cardigan.
  • If your rebellious entity is torn out, then wear a leather jacket-leather jacket safely!
  • Of the outerwear most preferred straight coat and trench coats above the knee length.
  • The photo of fashionable bows shows that you can create a stylish tandem with the help of a poncho.
  • Bomber will allow you to get a stylish youth bow.
  • A great option is a denim jacket.

Tip: Do not wear flared jeans with high-waisted or papa items, as double flared will definitely be overkill.

Shoes and accessories

Best of all, women's flared jeans look with feminine shoes, especially with heels. It can be woven wedge sandals, clogs, pumps, mules, ankle boots with a steady heel. Loafers, Greek sandals, oxfords are suitable for casual bows.

Complement stylish images with accessories: fashionable hats, scarves, sunglasses, wide bracelets, miniature or fringed handbags, beads, straps.

Trendy flared jeans - this is the ability to create a variety of bright and stylish images!

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