Jack Black does not want to grow up. A photo

They say that clowns and comedians are actually very vulnerable and melancholic people. Jim Carrey, for example, suffered from depression and was even going to write a book about it. But there are exceptions to the rule, when the jolly on the screen remains the same and behind the scenes.
Jack Black
Jack Black loves to pose for the camera.
Photo: All Over Press
Jack Black
Jack Black is still a boy in the shower.
Photo: All Over Press

Jack Black can't be serious

Actor Jack Black (Jack Black) love for his sparkling humor and talent for improvisation. Journalists often complain that in an interview with Jack Black it is impossible to understand whether he is serious or joking. "Playing as a child, I created worlds with superheroes and was among them chief. I traveled a lot by time machine. I knew exactly where the magic dragon lives, who makes chocolates but hides them in hiding places. My career became a continuation of my childhood. My sense of humor is still quite immature, adolescent, "- says the actor. Well, this is really very boyish - make a face when you are photographed.

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