It seems that this is an ordinary road fence. But, seeing him in action, you will be surprised!

Metal barrier fencing, or, as they are simply called,bump stopsset to ensure that motorists do not go to the oncoming lane or off the road. That's just in the event of an accident, when a car crashes into such a bump at an enormous speed, the consequences are often dire.

Recently, employees of ETI, whose office is located in South Korea, have developednew type of road fencingdesigned to save lives for drivers and their passengers.

This invention is a steel pipe, between which are located plastic rotating rollers. The latter are painted yellow and are also covered with a reflective composition, which makes them visible at night.

If a car runs into such a fence, it takes the brunt of it.The rollers begin to rotate and do not allow the car to roll over, and the flexible design significantly reduces damage to the car itself. The whole design increases the likelihood thatthe health of the driver and passengers will not suffer.

The system has already been approved in South Korea. One of the first countries wishing to purchase it and secure their roads was Malaysia.

We sincerely hope that similar bumpers will soon appear in our country.

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