It is estimated how much time we spend on an argument with children

Spoiler: this is too much.

Admit it, do you have to argue with your child? Or maybe sometimes even swear? Don't worry, all parents do it. We find out the relationship for any reason: when to get up, where to go, what to eat, what to wear. True, I would not like to spend too much time on it. After all, this means that something in the family is not so - either upbringing did not exist, or there is no self-control, or the authority of the parents is lonely in the area of ​​the plinth.

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Tireless British scientists decided to calculate how much time we spend on disputes with children. 2000 families were surveyed for this, where there are children aged from two to 12 years. It turned out that they argue with their offsprings on average 2,184 times a year. This is 5-6 times a day! More than half of the disputes concern the menu. This is the most common reason for swearing - children do not want to eat what they have on a plate, even if they complain that they are hungry.The second most common reason for disputes is the uncleaned room.

In addition, parents often quarrel with children due to the fact that they strive to eat sweets before meals, delay time when it is time to go to bed, and categorically do not want to take on homework. The ten most popular reasons for disputes also included excessive sticking of children in gadgets and shirking teeth from brushing.

On average, each verbal battle lasts just over eight minutes. At the same time, in half or even a little more cases, the parents win the dispute. However, 6 out of 10 moms and dads admitted that they are trying to find a compromise in order to maintain peace in the family. Total - every day we spend about 49 minutes on disputes, and all in order to finally make a deal with our own child. Yes, there is a compromise for you - 9 out of 10 parents offer children a reward for having a normal dinner, cleaning up, making lessons. This is usually extra time on gadgets and TV or even money. And the most popular type of punishment is deprivation of access to the Internet and TV.

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