It became known where the wedding of Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin will take place

The celebration will be held in the homeland of the singer in Canada. A couple with might and main is preparing for it.

Cry, fanatics: Last weekend in the Bahamas, Justin Bieber made a marriage proposal to his new old sweetheart, Haley Baldwin, and she didn’t hesitate to say yes. Alas, there are no chances that this is an invention of newsmen: the singer has confirmed on Instagram that he is engaged.

“Haley, I'm so in love with everything connected with you! - emotionally wrote a 24-year-old Canadian. “And I am so committed to spending my life, recognizing your every dash, loving you patiently and tenderly.” I promise to treat our family with respect, preserving its integrity, and may Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit lead us through everything we do and are going to do! My heart completely and absolutely belongs to you, and you are forever for me in the first place! You are the love of my life, Haley Baldwin,and I don't want to spend this life with anyone else! You make me so much better, and we complement each other perfectly! I can not wait for the next, the best period of our life! It sounds funny, but with you it all made sense! And most of all, I am excited that my younger brother and sister will soon witness another beautiful and lasting wedding and take us an example! God arranged everything at the exact time: we got engaged on the seventh of the seventh month, 7 is the perfect magic number (if you do not believe, google). Well cool? And, by the way, I didn’t even plan to do it ... But my goddess feels great, because her future has been decided safe from now on. "Whoever found a good wife, he found good and received grace from the Lord" (Proverbs Solomon, chapter 18, verse 22). Yes, this is the year of God's grace! ”

This is the first joint photo of Justin Bieber with Hayley Baldwin, which he after the engagement published in his Instagram with 101 million subscribers.
Photo: @justinbieber

It is not surprising that after such recognition, the young are already planning a quick wedding. A source close to the couple, some details about the upcoming celebration. According to him, the beloved will arrange a "small" wedding.They want this important event in their lives to be personal and intimate. The stars intend to marry in Canada, because for Justin Bieber the house is a special place, and he would like to legalize the relationship with his bride before God in his homeland.

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