Israel is a country that has something to show (9 photos)

Israel is truly a unique and diverse state, someone comes here in search of enlightenment, making pilgrimage tours with obligatory visits to all holy places, and here, as you know, more than in any other country in the world.

Someone goes in search of antiquities, unique sights and natural wonders, which in Israel also abound. Well, someone goes to this religious state exclusively for rest, restoring health, and visiting numerous healing springs that can relieve from many ailments.

Beautiful city

You are going to go to Israel, but do not know what to see in this amazing country in the first place? It is not surprising, because guidebooks recommend a huge number of places, each is meaningful in its own way, but the trip is not endless, every tourist is limited in time, which means that it is very important to choose exactly “your” route, edited for your own interests and needs.

Israel is diverse and beautiful almost at every point, here you will meet the majestic mountains, the unique beauty of coral reefs located in the Red Sea Bay and carefully guarded by the state, sun-scorched deserts and numerous mud sources.

And what about the unique Dead Sea with its coastal clinics, clinics and SPA-salons, where you will take care of your beauty and, most importantly, your health.


In addition to natural resources, Israel is literally filled with architectural monuments, almost every structure is an impressive witness of many religious and historical events, most of which are described in the Bible.

But this does not mean that it is worth going to this country only to deeply religious people, in Israel everyone, even an avid atheist, will be interested. Israel, in general, a small state, most of its even the largest cities, such as Tel Aviv, can be bypassed in an hour's pace, which, you must agree, very quickly.

Wall of Tears

And this means that many significant places to actually see literally in one trip,in order to feel the atmosphere of the country and the culture of the people, naturally, it is not enough 1-2 weeks, but in 14-20 days you can really manage to do a lot - and you can relax and see most of the historical and natural monuments.

Where to begin?

Tel Aviv - a city of good mood and pleasant stay

Many seasoned travelers recommend starting their journey in Israel from this particular city, the cultural and economic center of the whole country.

Naturally, your choice may vary from the purpose of your trip, for example, if you are purposefully going to improve your health, then you probably will be more interested in hotels near the Dead Sea or Eilat.


But, to tell the truth, in such places it quickly becomes boring, and in just 3 days you will want something new, so in such cases, you should probably consider some compromise options to improve your health, and, at least , catch the excursions ride.

So what is worth seeing in the famous Tel Aviv? The first thing that is important to note here is an ideal place for those travelers who simply came to get acquainted with a new country, a foreign culture and enjoy a leisurely but exciting holiday.

Here you will not find such a religious thrill of the local population, for example, in Jerusalem, and during the Sabbath (a religious festival that takes place every Friday and Saturday night) the city does not die out, but continues to live its busy life.

But, despite all this, even here you will feel the spirit of the unique history of the sacred state, in a simple and unobtrusive form. Be sure to visit the old part of the city, Jaffa, here you will meet a large number of churches and mosques, you can admire the many old buildings.


Do not forget to visit the port of Jaffa, from which the entire city began, and for those who are familiar with the legend of the beautiful Andromeda rescued by the brave Perseus, it will be interesting to spend time near the "Andromeda Rocks".

Be sure to visit the Flea Market, from there you can bring home the most colorful and interesting souvenirs at very affordable prices. And if you are keen on sewing or handmade, then be sure to go to Nahalat Binyamin, where you will find a huge number of shops with fabrics, jewelry and various handicrafts.

Swap meet

Do not forget to visit the city’s night promenade,and if you want to spend the night fun and active, then go to the most ambitious and trendy nightclubs, which are located in the old Jaffa and the youth area Florentin.


To say that definitely should be visited in Jerusalem, of course, difficult, but still there is a certain list of attractions that are mandatory for every traveler who went to Israel.

Naturally, the Old Town is in the first place, it is here that all the main shrines of the city, and, perhaps, the whole country, huddle together. This is the Temple Mount, as well as the world-famous Wailing Wall, where people come with their most cherished desires and prayers, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, as well as the Al-Asuka Mosque for Muslims.


If you do not experience the thrill in front of the holy places, you can simply walk through the colorful quarters of the Old City - very colorful and unusual places.

You can also visit the Biblical Zoo, which has about 200 species of rare and endangered animals. If you want to experience the rhythm of the life of the local population, then be sure to go to the market of Mahane Yehuda,where you will be offered the freshest vegetables and fruits, unique textiles and clothing, dishes and wines, local spices and shawarma, and local sellers will constantly bargain and shout out their prices.

Tourists love this place

As an educational program, do not forget to visit the Israel Museum with its richest collections of more than 500 thousand exhibits.

Dead Sea

Well, is it possible to visit Israel and not go to the bewitching and mysterious Dead Sea? The stunning view that you will discover on the coast is beyond words, it is worth seeing. In addition, we all know that this unique reserve is famous for its healing waters and mud, on the basis of which entire health programs and complexes in local spas and medical centers have been created.

The beauty of the Dead Sea

You can take mud and water procedures yourself, but it is important not to forget about safety rules: in the waters of the Dead Sea you can spend no more than 20 minutes no more than 2 times a day. You can pre-spread with curative mud, and after 15-20 minutes, go to wash it in the sea, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the benefit can easily turn into harm.

In conclusion, I would like to note the following: Israel is exactly the countryyou want to visit again and again, each time revealing new amazing places for yourself, of which there are plenty of them, rest assured. Go to Israel and see for yourself!

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