Isa: "Being a double mother is true happiness."

The Instagram star told her how to be a double mom, and also thanked the fans and her husband for their support.

October 3 at 20:00 Isa Anokhina gave birth to a second son. The boy was named Elvis. The child was born in the same Mother and Child Perinatal Medical Center, where Sam is the son of Isa from his first marriage.

Photo: @aizalovesam

The height of the baby - 53 cm, and weight - 3560 grams. The contractions lasted 20 hours, and the doctors decided to do a cesarean section.

“Being a mother is true happiness, and being a double mother is an incredible gift of fate! Now I’m just overwhelmed with emotions, because with the birth of a baby, a new page of our family history begins, - the happy mother admitted. - I want to express my deep gratitude to my husband, who was nearby during the whole process and supported me. You are my support, my universe and my love, and now you and I will become even a million times happier. ”

Recall that the businesswoman felt the bout in the morning when she was at home with her husband, Dmitry Anokhin, and her eldest son, Sam. The star was immediately taken to the hospital.

Together with Isa, Dmitry's husband also went to the hospital to be near her when their long-awaited baby was born. But the happy father was not the only one who saw the child immediately after his birth: the process of childbirth was live, and everyone could worry about the mother and the baby.

Fortunately, everything went without complications, the newborn and his mother feel good and plan to leave the clinic in the near future.

Photo: Home Channel

Today, Aiza thanked all her fans for the good wishes and for the fact that many people watched the online broadcast and experienced with it.

“39 weeks and 6 days we lived with a tum, and now I look at my son. And it erases all the fear that yesterday we experienced with my best husband. I want to tell you a lot and share my emotions, but I will leave it for later. Now you need to put your head in order and take everything that happened. I am very grateful to you for all the wishes, thank you for giving birth with me! Although the last 15 hours I have not noticed anyone. It was a cool experiment, I love you, ”Anokhina wrote in her blog.

Recall that the pregnancy Anokhina became known in April 2016.She announced the good news on her page on the social network, publishing a snapshot with a rounded belly.

Spouses have long been determined with the place where their child will be born. Considered immediately Russia, Bali and Los Angeles. As a result, parents made a choice in favor of their homeland, although initially they tended more toward the third option. But the boy will grow up in Bali, of course.

“We plan to raise a baby in Bali, because here is our home and the whole life. With medicine on the island, everything is fine. It is not at all cheap, but good. There are no big fears, in Moscow, in my opinion, there are much more dangers on every corner. In addition, I give birth in October, in Russia the cold will begin, and here, in Bali, my baby can always be in the fresh air in the warmth. In my opinion, the island is an ideal place to raise children, ”the Internet star believes.

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