Can I tint glass?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
December 11, 2012
Can I tint glass?

When the traffic police inspector stopped you and began to measure the percentage of toning in your car, it is already too late to ask if you can tint windows. Of course you can. The main thing is to do it right. The capacity of your tinted glass should be at least 70%. Rear side and rear windows can be tinted. But is it possible to tint the front windows? You can apply a transparent color film on the upper part of the windshield, the width of which does not exceed 14 cm.

Some particularly brave motorists are interested in whether it is possible to drive a car, the light transmission capacity of glasses is exactly 70%? No, this is not recommended. After all, even ordinary glass, completely clean, does not have 100% light transmission. It hides the light by about 15%. Therefore, add these 15% to 70% tinting and get a traffic violation. So it turns out the allowable percentage - 55.

When asked if the rear windows can be tinted, the rules answer that it is possible, but not in all cases.If you have a good side mirrors, properly configured and provide you with full visibility of everything that happens behind your car, then you can tint.

But what about those cars that are fully toned, what is called “from head to toe”? It turns out that special services are entitled to such a tint. But there are very few of those in our cities, mostly those who are very boldly go for violations drive in toned. In fact, they simply ignore the law, creating a very big danger on the road.

For violations of the rules of toning can be fined 500 rubles, or even remove state numbers. If this happens, then you have exactly a day to eliminate the violation, i.e. remove the film.

But on the question of whether it is possible to tint the headlights, the traffic rules and GOST are definitely answered - this can not be done! Tinting will greatly reduce the flow of light coming from the headlights. This creates a great danger when driving, you may not be noticed on the road, not only at night, but in the evening. You may also not notice the danger. Such toning can cripple the lives of others and yours! That is why such actions cause an extremely negative reaction of law-abiding drivers.

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